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Voters Must Know the Facts About Robert Pittenger

While I no longer live in the 9th Congressional District, I believe it’s important that Republican Primary voters consider the risk they would take in nominating Congressman Robert Pittenger. We cannot afford to hand this seat over to the Democrats.

Robert Pittenger is currently under investigation by the FBI for a loan made to his campaign from his business. This case will likely be resolved by November, whether he is exonerated or not. If he is indicted, the seat would surely be handed over to a Democrat.

What’s more, Congressman Pittenger has shown time and again he sees no ethical problems with using his position of power and insider knowledge for personal financial gain.

While serving in the North Carolina State Senate in 2003, Mr. Pittenger voted in favor of a bill that annexed a tract of property into Waxhaw which he partly owned, and the property increased in value as a result.

In my home county of Gaston, Mr. Pittenger bought up property where the Garden Parkway was supposed to be built. He even voted to authorize the project. Then, he recused himself from later votes, but at least one legislator claimed that Robert lobbied her to vote in favor of funding the project.

If that’s not a conflict of interest, I don’t know what is.

As dysfunctional and corrupt as Washington has become, we need leaders in Washington who serve the people, rather than their own personal interests. That’s why I believe these issues to be important – to ensure Republican Primary voters are informed about what’s truly at stake.

From the Desk of Tracy Philbeck
Gaston County Commissioner
President, Treescape Inc.

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