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By Haylie Robinson

On Friday, April 28th, West Bladen High School’s horticulture department is hosting a plant sale. It’s from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. West Bladen High School’s address is 1600 NC-410 Hwy, Bladenboro.

Reva Orr, the West Bladen Horticulture* Teacher, is the one who organized this event. Orr exclaimed, “I’m hoping for after the last several years of the pandemic that this will bring the community together, and people will come.”

The plants’ prices will range from $2 to $8 apiece, ranging from tiny pots to hanging baskets, with plants ranging from vegetables, flowers, houseplants, and herbs. All of the proceeds from the event will go back into the Agriculture* department at West Bladen to fund possibly many years of plant sales.

“The plant sale was thought of to teach the students about the plants and industry,” Orr stated, then proceeded, “So, traditionally, with the horticulture program, you’re trying to teach kids how to take care of plants. To produce something and then grow it till it’s almost fully mature, to sell it can show how the industry works.”

With the classes making flyers to spread the plant sale, Orr also let the senior, Chandler Russ, make a commercial for the sale. Chandler collaborated with Micheal Young to create the commercial. The commercial is one minute and 53 seconds long. It is located here: WEST BLADEN PLANT SALE!

You can contact Mrs. Orr at rjorr@bladen.k12.nc.us.

*Horticulture: the art or practice of garden cultivation and management

*Agriculture: the science of growing crops or animals for resources

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