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Dublin Motor Speedway

The Ultimate Super Late Model Series travels to Dublin Motor Speedway, on Saturday June 27, 2015 for the Rattlesnake Rumble, paying $5,000 to the winner. The speedway is known for its fast speeds along with some of the best racing around. Dublin Motor Speedway is a 4/10 mile semi banked dirt oval located in Dublin, North Carolina just off Highway 87 at 1364 Rice Pond Road, Elizabethtown.

Richard Bailey, Track Manager, said of Saturday night’s coming race, “The thing that makes the Ultimate Super Late Model Series so special is that these are First Class cars, they are so much faster, and this race features a total purse of more than $20,000.” Bailey went on to say, “Lumberton Ford/Lincoln is sponsoring the race, and the race is named for this racetrack. It’s said that this track has more bite than a rattlesnake.” He chuckled, and added, “It’s good to have this race before the 4th of July so the racers can still have their vacations with their families.”

It seems that Dublin Motor Speedway always goes that extra mile to treat everyone like family. BladenOnline spoke extensively with Richard Bailey, (this is his 3rd year running the track) and found that he has been with the Taylor family for quite a while. “I was a foster child that Jimmy raised” said Bailey, “I’ve always been around racing and I like to see people enjoy themselves. I want them to WANT to come out to the racetrack. We provide family entertainment, and if anything gets out of hand, we play like Barney Fife, and nip it in the bud. We have the Family Grandstand, which is non-alcoholic, and it’s separated from our other section where alcohol is permitted. We have people posted at the Grand Stand gates to maintain order.”

And speaking of maintenance, there’s a lot to do to prepare the track for a race. Dublin Motor Speedway employs around 40 people on a race night, and they run 5 divisions every week: Crate Late Model, Open Wheel Modified, Super Street, Pure Stock, and U-Cars. That means that every week, the grass has to be cut, the watering and rolling has to be done, the garbage removed, the concession supplies replaced, and so many other things, that it is a full time job for Richard and his wife. Sometimes, Richard even drives the pace car.

“This weekend I expect we will have 10-12 campers full of people sleeping over for the races,” said Bailey, “Last weekend we had about 6 or 7. We don’t mind the campers, as long as they are self-contained. We have had people come from as far away as Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia, to see our racetrack, and run in our races.”

Bailey says his goal for the racetrack’s future is to continue to provide family entertainment and watch people enjoy their weekends. See you at the races.

(Saturday, June 27th, Pits open at 3:00pm with grandstands opening at 5:00pm. Practice is set for 6:30pm with racing to follow.) For more information on the Ultimate Super Late Model Series visit: http://www.dublinspeedway.net or http://www.ultimatesupers.com

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