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Spring has come to Vineyard Golf as the fairways, seemingly, have turned green overnight and the greens are running around 12.

Kayla Thompson will begin her tournament schedule in April with tournaments in Texas and Arkansas and a qualifying event in North Carolina. We wish her great success.

Some great scores were posted during the weekend. Clay Huffstetler continues his great play as he shot a 3-under par 69. Shawn Hicken also posted a 69. It seems that to be a pharmacist you must also be a great golfer.

Carlton Floyd shot a 71 and Luke Gooden fired a 74. Both of these gentlemen are pharmacist in the area and they grew up playing together on our golf course.

Other significant scores shot were Shawn Hicken 69, Brian Tart 72, Blake Baysden 73, John Williams 73, Stacy Owen 71 and Evan Johnson 74.

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