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A staff report

Bladen County, NC – The August 21, 2023 Bladen County Board of Commissioners’ meeting is set to take place at 6:30pm in the Commissioners’ Room located on the lower level of the Bladen County Courthouse, 106 East Broad Street. The agenda for the meeting has been released, outlining the topics that will be discussed by the Board of Commissioners.

The meeting will cover a range of important matters affecting the county, and citizens are encouraged to participate either in person or by phone. For those unable to attend in person, a detailed version of the agenda, including attachments and supporting documentation, can be accessed through the provided link below.

For those who wish to listen to the meeting remotely, a dial-in option is available. By calling (571) 317-3122 and entering the access code 377-006-581, citizens can tune in to the proceedings and stay informed about the decisions being made by the Board of Commissioners.

The agenda for the meeting includes a variety of topics of interest to the community. Some of the key items to be discussed are:

1. Presentation of the Annual Budget Report: The Board of Commissioners will review and discuss the annual budget report for the fiscal year, assessing the county’s financial performance and making any necessary adjustments.

2. Infrastructure Development: The commissioners will address plans for infrastructure development within the county, including road repairs, construction projects, and improvements to public facilities. This discussion aims to enhance the quality of life for residents and promote economic growth.

3. Public Health Initiatives: The meeting will also focus on public health initiatives, including updates on vaccination campaigns, disease prevention strategies, and efforts to improve access to healthcare services across Bladen County.

4. Economic Development: The Board of Commissioners will explore opportunities to attract new businesses and industries to the area, fostering economic growth and job creation. They will discuss potential incentives and partnerships aimed at supporting local businesses and stimulating the county’s economy.

5. Community Engagement: In an effort to promote community involvement, the Board of Commissioners will discuss initiatives and events aimed at enhancing civic participation and fostering a sense of belonging among residents.

The August 21, 2023 Board of Commissioners’ meeting presents an opportunity for citizens to stay informed about the county’s progress and contribute to important decisions. The Board encourages all interested individuals to attend the meeting in person or dial in remotely to engage with their elected officials.

For further information and to access the detailed agenda with attachments and supporting documentation, please visit: https://go.boarddocs.com/nc/bladenco/Board.nsf/Public.

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