Bladen County Headlines... 35 Years Ago
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A Bladen County Board of Education Blue Ribbon Commission proposed $6,036,150 in renovations to Bladen County Schools. These renovations were: Bladen Elementary $170,000, Bladenboro Primary $778,000, Bladenboro High School $1,428,000, Clarkton High School $1,050,000, East Arcadia $391,000, East Bladen High School $187,000, Handicap Development Center $432,000, Tar Heel High School $1,504,000, Booker T. Washington $40,000, Dublin School $40,000, Elizabethtown Primary $40,000, Plainview $80,000 and Spaulding Monroe $90,000.
A house owned by Rev. and Mrs. Billy Wright in the Turnbull section of the county was destroyed by fire.
The new President of the Bladenboro VICA Club was John Haas.