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Camp Clearwater kicked off the holiday season with a dazzling Christmas Tree Lighting Event on December 2nd, 2023. The enchanting celebration featured beautiful lighting displays that illuminated the night at 5:30 PM, marking the beginning of a joyous Christmas season.

Families and community members gathered to partake in a variety of activities, creating lasting memories. The event boasted bonfires, a site decorating contest, crafts for kids, and the irresistible presence of a donut truck. Attendees indulged in the delightful flavors of Brunswick stew, chicken pastry, big baked potatoes, and sweet potatoes, adding a savory touch to the merriment.

Santa himself made a special appearance, spreading cheer and enchantment among the attendees. The gates of Camp Clearwater were wide open, welcoming everyone from the community to join in the festivities. It was a heartwarming occasion where the spirit of Christmas came alive, bringing people together in a celebration of joy and togetherness.

The highlight of the evening was the eagerly anticipated Site Decorating Contest. The judges, after careful consideration, announced the winners on Camp Clearwater’s Facebook page. The results were as follows:

Best Overall: Site 17 – Gooden

Most Creative: Site 90 – Harmon

Brightest: Site 02 – Best

These winners not only showcased their festive spirit but also added an extra sparkle to the event with their creativity and enthusiasm.

Mary Elizabeth Willoughby posted the night of the event, “We are very appreciative to all who participate! We had Santa ride with us tonight to pick the winners. It really is hard because everyone does an awesome job. We are very thankful for everyone who helps to bring the Christmas spirit to our campground.”

The Elizabethtown-White Lake Chamber expressed their gratitude, stating, “Thank you, Camp Clearwater, for a magical opening night to Lighting of the Lake.” The sentiment echoed the enchanting atmosphere that prevailed throughout the event, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.

Camp Clearwater’s Christmas Tree Lighting Event was more than just a festive gathering; it was a community celebration that kindled the holiday spirit, creating memories that will be cherished for years to come.

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