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As the holiday season unfolds, the Elizabethtown-White Lake Chamber invites you to dive into the enchanting world of the “Lighting of the Lake” contest. Discover the festive spirit that illuminates White Lake as residents, businesses, and community piers compete to create the most captivating holiday displays.

The contest showcases stunning visuals that capture the essence of the season.

Contest Details:

-Picture Reveal: On Wednesday, December 6, evening, the Chamber will unveil pictures of the contest entries on their Facebook Page.

– Voting Period: From the picture reveal until Sunday, December 17, the community is encouraged to cast their votes. Visit the Chamber’s Facebook Page, where all pictures will be conveniently posted under the pinned post.

– Voting System: Each ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ counts as 1 point, contributing to the overall score of the entries.

Categories and Participants:

Residential Piers:

– Pier 132

– Pier 138

– Pier 146

Community Piers:

– Waterford Pier

– Pier 69

– Pier 177A

Business Entries:

– The Grand Regal Lakeside

– Lake Church

– Camp Clearwater

Sponsored by White Lake Marine, this contest adds an extra layer of excitement to the holiday season, fostering community engagement and creativity.

Viewing Points:

Discover the magic from various vantage points:

– White Lake Marine

– Goldston’s Pier

– Camp Clearwater

– Timberlodge Pier

Follow the signs that guide visitors to these viewpoints, offering a delightful experience for all who embark on this festive journey.

Determining the Winners:

The competition’s winners will be determined by the number of likes and shares each entry receives. Remember, every ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ equals 1 point, so rally your community and support your favorite displays.

Join the Elizabethtown-White Lake Chamber in celebrating the holiday season by participating in the “Lighting of the Lake” contest. Embrace the celebration of the season, cast your votes, and be part of the joyous festivities that light up the night along the beautiful shores of White Lake. Visit the Chamber’s website for more information about “Lighting of the Lake” (https://elizabethtownwhitelake.com/lighting-of-the-lake/).

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