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Daine Smith Daine Smith from Elizabethtown wrote on 08/04/2020 at 5:54 pm:
The Bladen County Board of Education has blatantly refused all of the parents of Mother Bladen our right to send our children to school. They have disregarded our request for open conversation, requests for choices in whether or not to send our children to school, and they voted against our children’s right to quality education.

Bladen County Schools and the Bladen County Board of Education members have been asked to reconsider their decision on only offering remote learning to start the school year. This was not just because I feel strongly about my children receiving in-person instruction, but also because the CDC released a memo titled “The Importance of Reopening America’s Schools this Fall.” Here is a link to the article.

Each Board member has been sent information that proves their decision is, at a minimum, highly flawed.

I feel muted… Only one Board of Education member even acknowledged my attempts to voice my concerns and receipt of information challenging their decisions.

Thank you, Chris Clark, for your response. While I have seen no affirmative action from the Board, I do appreciate your acknowledgment of my correspondence.

I have reviewed many other counties’ plans to reopen and nearly every other states’ plan as well… The vast majority include an option for parents to select in-person learning. There are some very creative plans to get this done, none of which came from Bladen.

All but two board members voted for remote learning ONLY for Bladen County Students. They decided to do so before they even had all of the parent survey results. Those results showed that 45% of parents intended to send their children back to school, and 7.3 percent of parents said they did not have internet access. Obviously, parents’ opinions do not matter to the education officials!

You may not want to send your children back to school… I respect your decision 100%… I am asking for options! The Bladen County Board of Education has taken away our opportunity to even consider sending our children back to school… Horrendous!

Folks, I am asking and pleading with you to join me… There are three things that we need to do…

First, call the Bladen County Schools – District Office and voice your disgust with their plan of remote learning only – 910-862-4136 – I hope we keep the line busy for days…

Then, please email all of the education officials … I have a message prepared. You may copy and paste it if you would like or write your own comments, but please send them a message.

Here are the members and their email addresses. Also, Bladen County Schools, Superintendent, Dr. Robert Taylor’s email address is below because he is the one who presented the remote learning plan as a recommendation to the Board…

Mr. Roger Carroll, Board Chair –
Mr. Glenn McKoy, Board Vice-chair –
Mr. Chris Clark –
Mr. Dennis Edwards –
Mr. Berry Lewis –
Mr. Gary Rhoda –
Mr. Vinston Rozier –
Mr. Cory Singletary –
Mr. Alan West –
Dr. Robert Taylor –
I will be removing our children from Bladen County Schools if changes are not made. Where will we go, I am still uncertain. We are looking for options.. Here is what I know… unless we, the parents, and citizens of Bladen commit to removing our children from this substandard “learning plan,” the Board will not hear us… Please – commit with me to remove your children from their enrollment and attendance for 30 days… If you can send them somewhere else, great… If not, 30 days of “remote learning” will hardly be missed. Ask your child what they have learned since March…

Message Sample: Dear Bladen County Board of Education and Bladen County Schools – Please put my child/children’s education back on the top of your priority list. Let me decide what best suits my student(s); remote or in-person learning. It is simply not fair for you to make this decision on my behalf. I am the parent, I know what is best for my child. Please reconsider this right away. If affirmative action is not taken by the end of your next board meeting on Monday, August 10th, 2020, I will be removing my child from enrollment in Bladen County Schools for at least 30 days.

Last, but not least, please join me for a protest to be held during the next Board of Education meeting scheduled for August 10, 2020 at 6:00p.m. at the Bladen County Schools district office on Poplar Street in Elizabethtown.

I am not prepared to sacrifice our children’s education while the Board sits idle and makes no attempt to get our students back in the classroom.

Lastly, please remember this the next time you see the above-listed names on the Ballot… Remember, Dennis Edwards and Cory Singletary were the only two to vote NO to the ludicrous plan set forth by Dr. Taylor.

The YES vote for remote only learning by the education officials sends an unspoken statement to our children –

All businesses are allowed to open, go shop as you have the need and stop at the ABC Store on the way home… Just don’t go to school. It is NOT essential!! Your education – it’s a non-issue.

There it is… How will we respond?? The call and email will only take a minute… The protest maybe an hour. Please – our children need you! Whether you are ready to send your child back or not, you deserve and have the right to the option to do so!

Hopeful to see you on the 10th…

Daine Smith

G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 08/04/2020 at 2:07 pm:
Since the other news web site will only let selected people to comment on articles over on that site; I'd like to thank BOL for allowing folks to comment on this site.

First of all, the other site say Bladen County was "lucky" for having escaped major damage from the the whatever it was that came through last night. The word "lucky", is in my opinion, a terrible word to use when God spares our beloved county from damage through any kind of storm. We were blessed last night and I as well as many more I'm sure are praising God that he spared us from major damage from the storm.

Also, there is a comment on a article about the storm about two servants of Bladen County. These are two servants of Bladen County that have the best interest of our citizens at heart. I thank both of them for their work and concern through and after the storm. thank you Charles Ray Peterson for your concern for the Kelly area. If anyone knows the story of what has happened to the Kelly area through storms of the past, it is only appropriate that any citien of Bladen would be concerned about the Kelly folks through the storm last night. Mr. Dowless, it goes without saying always has the best interest of our county at heart.

BOL, keep up the good work of covering happenings in Bladen County in a fair and caring manner. And thank you for encouraging folks who comment on your site use their REAL NAME.
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 08/01/2020 at 9:04 pm:
Bladen County has given back to its Creator another great leader in our county, Russell Priest Jr. Perhaps Russell's passing can best be expressed simply as:

He is no longer by our side,
But he will forever be in our hearts.

God bless his family during this most trying of life's circumcstances; and keep us all in His care until we see Russell again.
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 07/30/2020 at 4:35 pm:
William, Again you do not understand the government of the nation in which you live. The person who wins the election for the office of President of the United States of American DOES NOT drive up to the front door of the Whiter House in any type car especially a 1967 Corvette. Also, the lady that would be with the President is his wife. A Corvette holds only two people and President Trump and first lady Melanie will be in a limousine; shessh, a Corvette!!!! But that does sound like something Joe Biden would do, but I don't think he would be allowed or asked to come into the house that President Donald J Trump and the First Lady live in currently.

You are old enough to have seen several inaugurations of Presidents and the period from the time of the election to the day he takes office.. If not, please google it and let me know what former President drove up to the front door of of the White House AT ANT TIME in a private car. In fact, if I had to take a wild guess I would say that no man after He elected ever drives a private vehicle during his time in office. Believe the Secret Service would say that is a NO NO..

Have you got the same dementia that Joe Biden is suffering from? Only one of the men you listed lives in the White House and he will be living there another FOUR MORE YEARS after inauguration day in 2021.

Strange you mentioned Carpet Bags which none of them carry. As I recall from CORRECT US History, it was the NORTHERN UNION CARPET BAGGERS that came into the South after the end of the Civil War and stole farms and businesses from Southern business men such as yourself.

I have been blessed to have known your family for many years, am still providing a service to your family by taking care of the cemetery plots of your maternal aunts and uncles, maternal nieces and nephews, your maternal grand parents, and even two of your siblings. I think of them and you as I help mow the grass over there graves every month during the grass mowing season. I even voted for your Dad as County Commissioner back in the day. Today, I simply can not understand haw you can be a member of the democrat party. Mr. Russell Priest, who just passed away, is one of the few democrats that I have respect for; he was serving as a county commissioner at his passing. I respect all the positions that are elected by the people, but it is my option to respect the individuals who hold those positions as I had respect for your dad. But this is 2020 not the 1960's or 1970's, or anytime in the past. As citizens, we are charged to keep up with what is going on in our nation. That is the reason so many people are concerned about what is going on with the democrat party; while it is true that both parties have changed tremendously, there is no sane reason why the democrat party allows people like AOC(anti Isreal, in fact anti American), Maxine Waters(in the face of Americans "you are not welcome hear, you are not welcome anywhere), Nancy Pelosi(speaker of the house tearing up her copy of the STOTU speech before millions of Americans, and to top it all have a presumptive presidential candidate who says there are 50 million BAD AMERICANS, to a black reporter if you vote for President Trump you are not black, and who says he is running for the Senate. God have mercy on all of us, God help American voters to straighten this mess out on November 3 and vote FOUR MORE YEARS to President Donald J Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 07/30/2020 at 12:17 pm:
GC, I can see it now. On the morning of November 4th, 2020 a Forest Green 1967 Corvette convertible rolls up to the front door of the Whitehouse. President Joe Biden and Vice President Susan Rice get out of Pop's Corvette and go into the Whitehouse doors and close them behind them. 45 seconds later the front doors to the Whitehouse fly open and out roll Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Mike Pence and Bill Barr down the front steps onto the street, followed by their Carpet Bags.

The World rejoices...😎
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 07/28/2020 at 8:19 pm:
William, you have the same first name as Mr. Barr; our distinguished Attorney General. Is a fine man. What you should be ashamed of is the way the DEMOCRAT led panel treated the highest ranking law enforcement officer in our country.

Think about this William "the less"; you have been called to testify before ANY panel but you never get a chance to reply to any questions by the opposing party, the DEMOCRATS. William, "the greater" held his ground and came out unscathed by the attacks on him by the DEMOCRATS. One even went so far as to call him a murderer. And just think, William, the less"; your taxes are going to pay the salary of these loonie toon pooliticians. Gerald Nader should either resign or Nancy PIGLOSI should have him impeached. She can get ADAM SCHIFF to help her do that. Then she should resign.

Be careful William, the less, what you wish for! President Trump will win the election on November 3 and you could be the next one on the hit list of citizens that the FBI and the DOJ will be coming after. Remember such citizens as Donald J Trump, Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, Judge Kavanaugh. etc. Not to worry though William, the less; William "the greater" will still be the AG and you will be safe for four more years. By the way, you of all people would never have a say in anything that is done in the second President Donald J Trump administration. You don't even have any say in what the democrats do. Pathetic, simply pathetic. By the way, William, the less; who are you going to call when the looting and burning PEACEFUL PROTESTORS COME TO YOUR PROPERTY UP IN CHARLOTTE. And now, one of your great ones, Gerald Nadler has said that ANTIFA is a MYTH.
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 07/28/2020 at 2:36 pm:
GC, if you saw Bill Barr testify before Congress today you saw some Tories. Yes they are Loyalists who blindly defend Trump and his gross trampling of the US Constitution. Barr is an embarrassment . The next President will determine where Bill Barr will spend the rest of his days. I vote for jail.
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 07/26/2020 at 10:37 pm:
William, One cannot live in the past and the present. There are NO LOYALIST or TORIES in the current Congress of the United States of America. Of course, you are so "supposedly" tied up with how people of our nation lived 200 and 300 years ago that you don't know what is going on with the current day democrat party. It is being hijacked by a bunch of leftist progressive liberals. And the leader of the party doesn't even know he is in the world half of the time; why he even believes he is running for the Senate rather than the Presidency. And NONE of his potential VP candidates is qualified for that position.

Do you get out and ride around the Charlotte area very much William? How many help wanted signs do you see. Even under the current circumstances in our nation, there is no reason anyone able to work should not be able to find a job. But your democrat party wants to keep paying people MORE NOT WORK than they would be making by working. Anybody with a sane mind knows that will not work. That is where a lot of these "looters and burners" are getting money to be able to do their looting and burning. Why don't you take it upon yourself to pay the salary PLUS $600 more per week so that person can go out and loot and burn. It doesn't make any any sense; one should NEVER EVER be paid more NOT TO WORK than to go to work and earn an honest days pay for an honest days work.

Are you saying William that a working person SHOULD NOT enjoy the fruits of their labors? God has evidently blessed you financially if you own a trucking company but you don't think you should be allowed to enjoy your retirement. You aren't that stupid William. When ever your local federal representative visits the district in which you live, you definitely need to have meeting with that person and discuss your beliefs about people not being able to enjoy their retirement.

The time may come William when all any of us will have to eat is cake. Hopefully, if that day comes; some dairy farmer like your Dad will still be in the milk cow farming operation and provide milk to go with that cake. Make might German Chocolate with that glass of milk. Of course, if the dairy farmers receive a Federal buy out then there want be any milk to drink. Sound familiar William? Don't believe there is a single dairy farmer in Bladen County now. If so, it must be on the other side of the river.

I implore you to get out of the democrat party. It is no place for such a man as yourself or IS IT?
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 07/26/2020 at 7:48 pm:
Trump and his Loyalists in the Senate's crowning achievement in the past three years is a 2 Trillion dollar tax cut of which 83% went to the top 1% of America's wealthy. Now McConnell and his Loyalist Conservative Tories are refusing to give 2 Trillion dollars to the American people, many of which who have lost their jobs and will soon lose their homes unless a miracle happens. That miracle right now is the Safety Net of Uncle Sam and his money printing machine.

The Republican Loyalist Tory politicians have their stock portfolios bulging . They have no clue what real people are facing!

Trump and his Loyalist Republican Tories in Congress are sending a loud message to the people. "Let them eat Cake"
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 07/25/2020 at 5:44 am:
No GC, she has 2 teenage children and she jokes about them being Republican and the conversations they have at the Dinner table. 😎😁
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 07/24/2020 at 7:18 pm:
William, You sound like most democrats. One time it is one thing and the next time it is another. You can't have it both ways Wiliam, either Pops is going to spit in Putin's eye, first post; or Susan Rice is going to do the spitting, your second post. I would say it will be Biden doing the spitting if he got a chance because it is not lady like for for a lady to go around spitting in public, especially a "presumptive" VP. Fortunately for America she will never get the chance as a lady or VP because the Republicans will win in a landslide victory on November 3. Biden probably would not be able to muster up enough saliva to form a spit wad. Another thing, that may happen with Biden, he may FORGET that he has to pick a VP candidate and she will never even be nominated.

If by the wildest stretch of the imagination Biden was to win, mark it down William; she will become the first woman to ever be president. That will not happen William even in your wildest dreams.. Is that picture of a muscle hers? If so she must be one of those democrats married to another muscular female.
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 07/23/2020 at 4:46 pm:
GC, Susan Rice is the one that'll spit in Putin's eye.💪
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 07/23/2020 at 3:03 pm:
William, your last post confirms the fact that you have sold out to the extreme "far left" of the progressive socialist democrat and swallowed their ideas "hook, line, and sinker". Notice William, when a fish does that there is no way he will survive.

It is an impossibility for things to be different under Joe Biden because he will never be President of the United States. William, you definitely need to catch up. Your "Pops" and his President Obama were the two who started "snatching" children out of the "illegal" aliens hands. Ask your self this question William; if your sere going seek fame and fortune in a country several thousand miles away, would you drag your children and wife through that or would you do it the legal way come to our country the right way and gain citizenship and then send back for your wife and children?

Again, catch up William, what you have described to get families back together is exactly what President Trump and his team have been doing. It will be done Constitutionally or it won't be done. I will tell you this, we have enough grand parents already raising grand children in this country. Think about it William, your parents generation how many raised their grand children? God never intended for that to happen. God meant for young people to raise children not old people. Of course, although their are a lot of grand parents caught in that trap; it has been reduced considerably by the democrats and their ABORTION clinics. And low and behold, it has just come out that Hilary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi are turning their backs on the founder of Planned Parenthood because she was a racist that meant for Planned Parenthood to abort back babies to limit the undesireable babies. William, how long are you going to stand by a bunch of people that are so evil they are off the charts of cruelty to humanity?

Do you honestly believe that defacing, setting on fire, tearing down and in doing so just killing fellow American citizens is "peaceful protesting"? If so, you must also agree the with the people who drove by the funeral home up in Chicago and opened fire on mourners!!!! These people are so far from the Constitutional rights guaranteed in our country that it is pathetic or as President Trump says, ABSURD.

If you think Susan Rice is qualified to be President of the United States, if you think Joe Biden would spit in the eye of Vladimir Putin,
if you think Harris (who ever that is) will protect voting rights when the Boards of Elections are being burned to the ground, then you get all your baby killlng friends, open border, same sex marriage loving weidos together and vote for basement dweller Joe Biden. Would ask you one question ( not that he will ever get the chance); how is Joe Biden going to spit in the eye of Putin if he is staying in the basement? It is sad that there such a thing as the democrat party still exist; maybe they can get the greatest black hating organization ever to bail them out. Personally, I don't see the democrats winning another national election until they come back to American values. It is sad. Sort of the way that Joe Biden looks sometimes.
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 07/23/2020 at 10:05 am:
GC, things will be different under Pops. His first planned action will be to utilize every intelligence, military and Law enforcement branch of the United States Government to their fullest extent to reunite all the Immigrant Children who Trump tore from their parents and Grandparents.

A Parents' and Grandparents' worst nightmare is to be separated from their children and not know how or where they are.

Instead of a Military force Surge against US Citizens who are peacefully exercising their Constitutional rights to assemble and protest a corrupt Government. Pops and Vice President Susan Rice will reunite us with our allies and spit in Putin's eye! He'll also direct Attorney General Harris to see that EVERY person who attacks our Democracy thru Election fraud, including Trump. Pops believes like I do that no man is above the Law. William Barr will also get a fair trial.
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 07/22/2020 at 11:01 pm:
William, Look at your last post. It states "11 or 12 years ago". A man Joe Bidens age, a LOT can happen 12 or 12 years ago, and it has. In fact, a lot has happened to Joe Bidens health in the last four years. Anybody with any of physical acumen can see it when they see Mr. Biden on TV. He can not concentrate more than a minute or so, he seems dazed lots of times. and he has someone close to him most of the time in case he stumbles and falls. I'm looking forward to the debates between our President Donald J Trump and basement dweller "presumtive" democrat candidate Joe Biden; but I hate what it going to make his family look like for allowing him to be embarrassed on a stage before the whole world. The debate may have to be conducted like a boxing match so the referee can call a time out to help Joe Biden recover and he may have to stop the debate because Joe Biden is not able to compete. I appreciate Grandpa Jones the Grand Old Opery member but what has Grandpa, Papa, G-Pa, GP, Gsnap, or any other thing a child's Grand father is called have to do with running for President of the United States. That's like saying that the most popular Christmas Tree ornament for the upcoming Yule season will be the corona virus balls we have be seeing on TV. Seems what our Grandchildren call us is up to them as they grow up, unless the y say Hey You.

I appreciate President Trump and I'm sure his grand children address him with a term of endearment when they have a chance to spend some QT together. If POPS lights your fire, so be it; but POPS as it applies to Grand Pa Biden will be short lived for Joe Biden. After November 3, he will be out of sight out of mind.
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 07/22/2020 at 5:16 pm:
GC, yes he is Pops Biden. I heard him being interviewed 11 or 12 years ago and he was talking about his Grandchildren and mentioned his name Pops being called, his eyes lit up when he talked about them. When my first Grandson was born 10 years ago his Mom asked me what did I want him to call me. I chose Pops and told her why.

GC, this Pops appreciates that Pops !😎
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 07/21/2020 at 2:56 pm:
William, William, William,

Biden is not Pops. He has popped. You haven't been duped into believing that he is really all there. Why he even stated, he was running for the Senate. You can hang your hat on the same coat rack with him if want to; personally, I know America is wiser than to do that. Thank you for agreeing that President Trumps programs are setting in motion for a prosperity even greater than the worlds "greatest" economy headed up under President Trump's leadership. Seems he believes in KEEPING AMERICA GREAT. Of course, a lot of democrats don't believe it has ever been great. What a shame.
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 07/21/2020 at 4:24 am:
GC, Atlanta had a flooding problem in one area and they installed Brick cobblestone over a layer of filtration gravel that not only looked distinguished but drained much better than the old asphalt streets. I've been all over America and the most beautiful Towns had Cobblestone streets. Google America's cutest Towns. People all across America are preserving their Old boarded up buildings, it's possible to do, especially now with Pops Biden coming on board. I just hope the Town will pause the demolition project for at least a year so that they reevaluate their options with this flood of Money due to the new economic situation.

Everett is spot on about Bladenboro being a bedroom community. It's not a commercial business center and trying to make it one is an uphill climb. No more Dollar Discount Stores please!

Most of the people who sleep in this Bedroom community are Craftsmen and women involved in some type of Construction or maintenance jobs . The small size of the Town makes it a perfect blank canvas for beauty. We must look at worth vs cost. What would 5 million dollars do if properly implemented? It'd put food on a lot of tables and the people wouldn't have to drive an hour or more to get to work. Bladenboro the bedroom community should always be a soft place to lay one's head ?

I couldn't sleep...
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 07/21/2020 at 2:42 am:
GC, the Bryant Swamp canals need a major cleaning as does the Big Swamp. With trillions of dollars being pumped into our economy to keep people employed, a CCC (Depression era) work program project is possible. Every County could have their citizens do the work. Thus serving multiple problems at one time. Has Bladen's State Representative ever gotten involved in a major project? If not, now would be an opportune time.
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 07/21/2020 at 2:26 am:
GC, a walking greenway is an excellent idea. Mecklenburg County just completed a concrete one in my neighborhood on the banks of a canal very similar. The dirt from the cleaned out canal made a perfect base for it. The last time I was home I saw a line of junk cars lined up behind the Atlantic station by the woods.

There are million dollar homes within eyesight of the junkyard that are dropping in value daily because of it!
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 07/20/2020 at 9:50 pm:
William, you might want to get more information about the Bryant Swamp drainage situation. Seems it ha been done a few times, not exactly sure how many, and the same thing happens each time we have a storm with a lot moisture coming with the storm. Would you clarify for us people who still live in or around Bladenboro about the junk cars behind the "Atlantic" station; that may be impeding the flow of water to Bryant Swamp. It looks to me like most of the impeding of water flow is happening after the water gets to Bryant Swamp.

While I'm on the Swamp, what would be wrong with putting a "swamp walk" along Brayant swamp as far as feasible with maybe some picnic tables ever so often? Sort of like the River Walk over in Fair Bluff. But it looks like that little small town has trouble about every time a storm comes through with very much moisture with it. Maybe the Army Corp of engineers could be called in to see what is wrong with these flooding situations. What ever has been tried, evidently is not working. That swamp has got to be fixed so the water will not back up into the town of Bladenboro. As stated previously, there are only so many times business and home owners can take these flood outs and remain in the town.

You are doing good with your comments. Keep it up.
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 07/19/2020 at 10:49 pm:
GC, our forefathers did plan to make the Town safer from flooding. They got funding from the government to finance the "Bryant Swamp Drainage" project . The flooding is caused by the canal(s) being full of grass, weeds and tree limb debris. It shouldn't be too hard to clean it out or deepen it. Evidently the Golden Leaf money is readily available. If it can be spent to demolish a Town they surely would fund a Drainage project. Those junk cars behind the Atlantic station probably blocked some of the water going toward the canal.

I beg to differ that the wonderful hometown can be just that again. The population is about the same. The Churches can be the perfect groups to occupy descent buildings, again leaning on the Golden Leaf, the County , State and Federal government. Most all of these groups match projects 100%.

The Bladens Blooming people should make it easy for the Churches to occupy these buildings for $1.00/yr.
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 07/19/2020 at 8:50 pm:
William/Billy. appreciate a former Bladenboro resident showing concern for the town. One thing I have noticed about your post is the fact that you no longer are know as Billy Butler. If you will notice, the person you are addressing as "Donnie White" on your post; evidently likes to be addressed as Don White. The good old school days are over for the town of Bladenboro; we do mature and grow into adulthood.

What size church do you attend in Charlotte? If you have kept up with it, church offerings have been affected by the Covid 19 virus. When people do not have jobs; not in all cases but in a lot of cases, the tithe bill is the first thing that goes. There may be some churches in the towns zip code that would help and probably already. However, it is not the churches responsibliity to build or rebuid a town. That is the responsibility of the people of the town through their business, loans, and grants. And of course, Mr. Huestess is not the the only person in Bladenboro/Bladen County that can ask a business owner in adjoining towns to place a business outlet in Bladenboro. The time of tying the mule or horse up at the rear of a business are long gone unless we turn Bladenboro into an Amish community. The first thing that Bladenboro has got to conquer is the drainage problem. Many of the businesses that were flooded out in the last hurricane was the straw that broke the camels back and they have said they won't be back. Who can blame them, so the drainage problem has got to be solved. One of the things that amazes me about the "founders" of Bladenboro is the fact that they built it right in the middle of a swamp and because of that the "chickens have come home to roost" so to speak. Just to take care of the drainage problem will no doubt take several acts of Congress(both State and Federal) as well as county and town powers that be.

There is an idea that may have been bantered about but if it has I have never heard of it. Why not move the entire town out to the Hwy 211 Bypass area!!!! When the town comes back, I believe it will be a gradual process and there are signs it has already begun.

Everett, the place you mentioned did not exist when I first recollect going to Bladenboro with my Dad. Sounds like it was exciting times in the Boro. I do remember Mr. M Nances BBQ place out in the Richardson area. in fact, those signs of things happening; a new business has been build where Mr. M's BBQ place use to be. One last thing before I leave this "book"; one of the solutions to "financing" could lay in former residents of Bladenboro who have moved away and "done well" and might take part in a capital fund raising campaign. William Butler could be one of them. The company that owns the feed mill out next to Bryant Swamp Baptist church on Hwy 211 business West. We will see what we will see. God bless Bladenboro and the leaders of the organizations that have the towns best interest at heart.
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 07/18/2020 at 7:27 pm:
Donnie, pardon me but I'm still not sleeping well. I wonder what Eric Davis could do with $300,000.00 toward restoring Down Town Bladenboro's buildings that are facing a death sentence. The materials could come from local businesses. A Church should buy the Fowler Simmons after Bladens Blooming puts a roof on it, then make a Skating Rink where families could have laser tag Birthday parties. Paint the inside flat black ceiling included. The Churches have always been someone to learn on when dire situations occur.

Churches in the 28320 zip code will accept the challenge?
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 07/18/2020 at 4:08 pm:
Donnie, maybe we haven't been made aware of the "Revitalization " plans. It would be nice to have Mr. Huestess put the plans on Bladen Online. Maybe we've been told, but not sold. These plans might make everyone aware of the progressive plans you and all involved have accomplished. I certainly don't want to sound like a critic. I just want to move back . I'm waiting here in Charlotte until my Grandchildren get to their embarrassed to be with Pops age. I just pray that there will be a Town left when we get there. Thanks for you, Rita and all the others' hard, unpaid work.
Everett Butler Everett Butler from Bladenboro wrote on 07/17/2020 at 10:15 pm:
Grover asked forgiveness for leaving out the names some of the businesses in Bladenboro in the past. You are forgiven. Though hard to do since you left out one of the most famous of them all, The Eagle Eye, M. Nance was the owner and operator. Mr. Nance went to Wilmington, bought one of the street cars when Wilmington went out of the streetcar business and had it transported to Bladenboro. He took a seat in it and sat in the seat during the transport and was proud of truthfully saying that he had ridden a streetcar from Wilmington to Bladenboro. He renovated it into a hamburger/hot dog business. It was located just across the creek from the Atlantic Station where William and his buddies hung out at, though years before their time. It was a very busy place and one not remembered except by us old geezers.

I recall as a young chap when the post office and dry cleaners burned beside Dr. Bridger's office. The concrete pads and part of the foundations are still there. The post office was rebuilt across the railroad tracks. That building is also gone and is now a parking lot.

Back in the days when few people had cars, Bladenboro was a booming town. The only public transportation was Carsie Davis's taxi and Wilton Butler's busses. Many people walked to town or drove their mule and wagon to hitch behind Hinson's Grocery while they did their shopping. Nowadays most families have one or more cars and find that there is more variety in larger towns. Thus Bladenboro has become a bedroom community. Most people work and shop out of town and live in the community.

Don White's organization has been a great asset in helping to grow the town. Nothing is impossible but it will be an uphill battle to get Bladenboro back to what it was in it's heyday. Yet they are trying.

Stony Rushing Stony Rushing from Wingate wrote on 07/17/2020 at 8:23 pm:
On December 8th 2018 I called out State Elections Board Member Joshua Malcolm for election fraud in the 2018 Congressional election between Mark Harris and Dan McCready. This week we found out in a WBTV report that;
-Phone records produced as part of the lawsuit show Malcolm, a Democrat who lives in Robeson County, which is part of NC-9, had regular contact with Democrat Dan McCready in September and November 2018.
- According to the phone records, McCready and Malcolm exchanged text messages in mid-December and Malcolm sent McCready two text messages on November 25, two days before he made the motion to not certify the election.
- Prosecutor Freeman said her decision to note charge Harris followed more than a year of investigation from state and federal authorities. “Our office has concluded that there is not evidence which would support a criminal case against Dr. Harris,” she said.
- The Bladen County Improvement Association PAC, a group supporting McCready and other Democratic candidates in the 2018 election, also ran an absentee ballot operation similar to Dowless'.
No one associated with the BCIAP has been charged with a crime, although the group was also mentioned in a 2016 criminal referral from the NCSBE to federal prosecutors.
Now how does a dumb country boy from Union County understand the fraud here on December 8 of 2018 while the National, State and Local Media drink it up with no thought to question what was happening? Only WBTV really even tried to be balanced and ask those questions and they were stonewalled by UNC Pembroke! A Public University using our resources to help the Democrat Party Operatives!
Some people were even awarded for this BS and did a victory lap over destroying Dr Mark Harris. Jackass Dan McCready even had the nerve to ask, "What did Mark Harris know and when did he know it?" Well I can tell you that Dr. Harris was not aware of any issues while McCready was getting NCSBE updates on the scam election since at least September of 2018 if not sooner. After all Malcolm's kid was working for the McCready campaign.
If we do not get a Federal investigation of Malcolm, McCready, UNC Pembroke and others then give up on free and fair elections. 9th District Citizens, contact anyone you know and demand this investigation.
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 07/17/2020 at 3:56 pm:
Donnie, I ommitted a comment. The Atlantic Station IS the ultimate meeting place for High School kids. I know because I hung out with you our friend. I'm a car nut and that corner provides the ultimate car watching viewing position. Now it's a junkyard. Remember how we teenagers and Chief of police Mr.DG Pait interacted . We're you there the night when The Chief and us were at the Atlantic station sitting around on our muscle cars. During the Summer when the watermelons were ripe we'd all have watermelon. Various watermelon patch owners donated the watermelons, unbeknownst to them. One night we couldn't find any watermelon donations and The Chief briefly remembered where there had been watermelon donations being made, unbeknownst to the owners. Two or three of us left, received the donation and were back in 15 minutes. The watermelon was great. Were you there when he would let us spray each other with his Mace?

Now it's a junkyard!😠
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 07/17/2020 at 3:23 pm:
Thanks Donnie, it is just sad to watch. People are leaving big cities in droves because of Covid 19 and The Republicans allowing Trump to eliminate their tax deductions on real estate.

There are people all across America that would give their little finger to live in a place like Bladenboro. It's just sad to see Mayberry torn down .
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 07/17/2020 at 2:45 pm:
Don White,
You may not dot all the I's and cross all the T's but youdo have a way of getting your message across so folks in Bladenboro can understsnd it. Personally, I think the folks who live in Bladenboro still believe in the Boro as much as they did back in the 50's, 60's, and 70's; it is just that we live in a different time and under different circumstances. With all buildings having to be raised(as I understand it) because of the flooding issues it is going to take some visionaries to bring the Boro back to days commensurate with ole glory days. Seems recently I have been seeing visions of the "downtown" district with steps up to four feet leading the way up to the individual business. Bladenboro is different than it use to be, but it can be "different and better" than it use to be.

One thing I have noticed down to the years, is that a good place to eat will bring people in from miles around. This is still event as Bladen County folks can be seen 20, 30, even 60 miles from the Boro enjoying an evening meal. Think about it, a great seafood restaurant; I believe could make a go of it in the Boro. We have Hwys:. 211 leading in from toward Lumberton, 87, 130, 410 leading in from the north the Fayetteville and Tar Heel, 410 & 130 leading in from the Whiteville, Chadbourn, Evergreen areas; 242 leading in from Clinton, White Lake, White Oak, Elizabethtown. I'm reminded of a line from the the movie Field Of Dreams, "build it and they will come". People will eat and they have been known to travel some distance to do it. It is proven every weekend and on some weekdays. I'm reminded of what a former mayor said one time about buiding a great ball field and having great concessions.

What ever happens to the Boro, I certainly hope we do not forget the good ole days.
Pardon the grammatical mistakes and God bless those who still have the best for Bladenboro at heart. The world is a better place because of those who have made it their home over the years, for after all they had a vision when Spinners Field, two doctors, two food markets, Western Auto, a feed mill, a feed store, a furniture store, two movie theaters, a drive in movie theater, a saw mill, two funeral homes, a new car dealership, Collins department store, two builders supplies, two or three banks, a cotton mill, and don't forget the railroad, etc., called Bladenboro home. Please forgive me for leaving out some businesses. I'm reminded of some of the words of the Bladenboro High School Alma mater, to paraphrase; "our dear old 'Town' our hearts are turned to thee". It will take a whole lot of hard work to bring Bladenboro back. Can it be done, I for one think so. It has already started with the vision of some folks. Thank you Don for being one of those folks with a vision for the future of Bladenboro.
Don White Don White from Bladenboro wrote on 07/17/2020 at 8:46 am:
Ellen Gause: Thanks for the comment. I went back and read it after it was posted and am satisfied Mrs. Martha Frink would have probably given it a "D" for run-on sentencing, punctuations and misused/misspelled words. Guess it would help to proof read before I submit. 😚
Don White Don White from Bladenboro, NC wrote on 07/16/2020 at 11:57 pm:
Can't really speak to the old Atlantic station property. It is privately owned and occupied. The Town would need to address this as it pertains to ordinance compliance. And yes, I agree with you on this point. Question members of the Town council or the Mayor. They are listed on the Town's website., as well as a copy of the ordinances.

To your other question, the first 3 properties (Drugstore, Charlie Bell's Barber shop and Mr Tom's store are all also privately owned and under one roof and have been listed FOR SALE through Hilton Realty for maybe the last three or four years now, so there has been exposure for potential investors, so your assessment that the public is not aware these properties are available is just not correct.
The Hickman Building has not been advertised, to my knowledge, but his son has had the front window boarded up vacant since the last storm, which as I recall was in October 2018. Same with the Bank building. Both or these owners are available and at least one has expressed a willingness to sale, as I understand.

Lastly, in a nutshell, Bladen's Bloomin' is a Real Estate Development interest that invests in and develops specified and speculative buildings in and for Bladen Counties business development. For example, they built the Bladenboro Medical Building and I think had a hand in some or all of the development in the Bladenboro Industrial Park. they have also been the driving force in the Industrial Park Development in Elizabethtown and done some work in Downtown Elizabethtown among others in the county. They are very good at what they do and have a really talented individual, Chuck Heustess as the Director, who knows how to get things done in this particular space.
Hope this is helpful.
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 07/16/2020 at 8:19 pm:
Donnie are they planning on buying the Atlantic Station and removing the junkyard? That's what people notice .

What is Bladen's Blooming? Is it a private company. Their website just shows one guy. To get details of them they are charging $125.00.
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 07/16/2020 at 1:14 pm:
Donnie, is there a list of these properties and what it will cost to purchase them ? People have not been made aware of this demolition project until the article here. Dr. Bridger's office and Drugstore is a Gem. Can you guys hold off the wrecking ball until the public has been made aware of the details. Few of my friends had any idea that Bladenboro was soon going to look like Abbottsburg and Butters.
Ellen Ellen from Gause wrote on 07/16/2020 at 12:56 pm:
Excellent observations Don White!
Don white Don white from Bladenboro wrote on 07/15/2020 at 11:28 pm:
My Good Friend Billy Butler: Always enjoy reading your comments and I know you are genuinely interested in the Town of Bladenboro. and its just not healthy for you to be deprived of one minute of sleep over the demolition of the old buildings in downtown Bladenboro.

Let me first say that I was initially like you in that my personal preference, and I think most of the initial work group involved in this process, was that this strip of buildings (Bridger Drug, Ward’s Barbershop, Tom Hales Grocery, Hickman Insurance and the Bank of Bladenboro) might be purchased and repaired by an investment group who had the expertise to secure both public and private funding to convert this historical strip, as it currently sits, into a suitable and affordable rentals for several small businesses to occupy. After some time and study, I think the group has come to understand and accept with the insight from people with long resumes’ of experience and knowledge in building and development, that the feasibility of doing this is neither practical nor would it be an investment that a smart investor would be willing to make. The last remaining property occupied was the Housing Authority for the county and even with Federal dollars backing, they decided that after two devastating floods, enough was enough and have vacated the property and are operating in a temporary location until they can rebuild in a less flood prone location.

I also had a lady just last night express a similar concern. And, like you and many others who grew up in the area that hold many fond memories from a better time in the 50's, 60’s and 70’s when the downtown business community appeared to be a thriving place for our citizens to shop and work or own a business. Where practically all the buildings were occupied and when we had our own high school and one of the largest and oldest employers in the county. A time when there were many small and large farmers in the area who could provide for their families and for others, many opportunities in the surrounding towns and counties to drive less than an hour to work and return to their homes and a community where most everyone knew each other and helped each other out when in need.

Unfortunately, Bladenboro is like so many agri-textile small towns throughout America, where the “yesterdays” have long gone. For Bladenboro, everyone has an opinion on the WHY, be it our Town or County politics over the years, the sucking sounds of NAFTA, a tobacco settlement driven by a handful of corporate lawyers, too much dependency on a single buisness and its family or just a lack of forward-thinking leadership over the years. But the truth of the matter is, it may not be any one of these things and just a little bit of it all, as well as the natural process of changing world.

So many of us who grew up during these good times, particularly those that have remained continuously in Bladenboro have either departed this earth, lost their willingness to effect change and have just accepted things as they are and others, like you and I, who have simply just moved on for better jobs or a different way of life, for whatever reason.

A very smart man I know, who I have a great deal of respect for and one who can absolutely demonstrate how culture change can occur told me a few months ago that “in order to change the culture (and the thought process) in Bladenboro the culture (and the thought process) has to first change”. Things will continue to deteriorate and digress if we simply keep doing it the way it used to be.

You will be happy to know that there are several things on the burner right now in Bladenboro that could turn into positive outcomes. Our town and its people must keep making an effort to advance and improve. Bladenboro needs to establish and accept an “Identity” of who we are and what we are and, while we might wish it to be so, it can’t be what it was back in the day.

This particular location in downtown has really good traffic flow and is reported at having over 5,000 cars per day. travel by it. Seems everyone wants to have somebody else do something, but yet, no individual or individuals have stepped up to acquire these properties that have been available for a few years now, until just recently,

Lastly, the plan, as I understand from the initial planning stages, will be to rebuild with new elevations that would be more protective against another flooding situation as we have had the past few years. Also, the exterior will be designed to make it more “period” looking to be complimentary to the existing structures in town. It is my hopes that the members of the County Commissioners and our Town Board will continue to support these efforts as they have and continue to pursue opportunities and funding to compliment any new private development so that additional work can take place on the Towns infrastructure needs and other delapidated structures, streets, sidewalks, parks and recreations and waste treatment needs. I think the more that can be done the more energized the residents will become and you will see positive things done to personal properties, business parking lots and other areas that will make the town a place where all residents can be proud to call home and travelers will will have a reason to stop who are driving through. Best wishes to you. You are welcome to move back anytime.
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 07/15/2020 at 9:57 pm:
Oh, William, so that is what you were talking about. People and countries still haven't understood who they are dealing with when they deal with our President Donald J Trump. You know that or else you have not been keeping up.

it is American first and any other country wherever they want to place themselves. The WHO was nothing but a drain of money from the USA with nothing coming back to the USA.
China holding back on Covid 19 and its spread, China hijacking the production of a lot of medicines from our country during the last administration with the bless of former President Barrack Hussien Obama and former VP Joe Biden. President Trump is not going to put up with such underhanded dealings while he is our Leader.

You need to check your American history William, the USA has done more for the developing countries of this world since World War II than probably all the countries of the world. The truth is that we have helped rebuild the entire economies of the countries of the world. And we don't need other countries sucking the very life out of our country any longer. Keep up William and support our country. You haven't been thinking about moving your trucking company to another country, have you William?
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 07/15/2020 at 4:55 pm:
GC, the US Congress honors Countries who follow the WTO guidelines of fairness and non discrimination , level the playing field for small, developing countries.

The fact that Trump doesn't know that is alarming on many fronts.
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 07/15/2020 at 3:35 pm:
William you need to be careful with those trick questions. People might get the wrong idea about you. Since we are the best, why would we NEED or ASK for most favored status? That sounds like something Joe Biden would say in the pre alsheimer stage in which he finds himself.
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 07/15/2020 at 3:35 pm:
William you need to be careful with those trick questions. People might get the wrong idea about you. Since we are the best, why would we NEED or ASK for most favored status? That sounds like something Joe Biden would say in the pre alsheimer stage in which he finds himself.
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 07/15/2020 at 3:23 pm:
GC, are you aware that people can read your words here ? I know Herb and Everett do.
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 07/14/2020 at 10:09 pm:
William, to be raised in Bladen County; you have acquired some unsavory language, maybe from the current mayor who wants to fight the covid outbreak by closing liquor stores at 10 pm!!!!

To answer your question about what the coach who Ms. Melvin replaced; take a look on the left, go down to the article entitled: "Chasity Melvin, whose Father Is A Bladen Pastor, Named WNBA Assistant Coach". Click on the title, when the article appears, go down to the fourth paragraph. Read real slowly William and you will see a life style that liberal democrats think is normal. You will see your post is not the smartest one you have ever made. The coach who stepped aside had a mate as you say had nothing to grab. Read real slowly William.
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 07/14/2020 at 6:08 pm:
GC, Trump said that the United States does not have "Most Favored Nation " status. He said Biden didn't even ask for it. Do you think Trump should ask for Most Favored Nation status?
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 07/14/2020 at 11:40 am:
GC, I agree with the accolades of Ms. Melvin. That had to be a whole lot of work to get to the Top . I didn't read anything about the previous Coach. What did she do? Was she grabbing people by the genitals ?😯
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 07/13/2020 at 9:23 pm:
Congratulations to Chasity Melvin originally from Clinton for being named assistant coach of a WNBA basketball team. An since her dad is one of Bladen County's Pastors, it goes without saying that he is extremely proud of her. Good article BUT whoever originally wrote it certainly created a big mistake with the fourth paragraph. Let is be known, that Bladen County as a whole does not condone the life style of the coach which Ms. Melvin replaced.

There is some weird stuff going on in this world today and this lifestyle the replaced coach finds herself is some of the weirdest.
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 07/12/2020 at 8:48 pm:
William, the minimum wage is too low and always will be. The question you have to answer is, if was doubled; would you be willing to pay $10 for a hot dog or hamburger; or as it applies to you, $200K for a new rig versus $100k. What would that do to your cost for hauling loads up and down the highways. Instead of paying a lawn care worker $100.00 to mow your lawn you now have to pay him $200. It is a never ending Q&A.
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 07/12/2020 at 9:27 am:
GC, I asked you one question. Why didn't you answer it?

Do you believe that the minimum wage is too low if a single person can't afford a 2 bedroom apartment.

How about a yes or no.
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 07/11/2020 at 5:37 pm:
One is murder.
The other is an ab abomination.
So you think Christian people should just let murderers and people who commit abominations going skipping merrily down the road to hell? Your party condones both.

You own a business, why not double all of your employees salaries? Do any of them make the minimum wage? Do you not favor people working to better their lives instead of being given everything? You don't meet very many people who down through the years that have not worked their way up the ladder of wages. You are a business owner. If someone applied for a job with you and they told you you would have to pay them twice what an incoming employ usually received? What has been or would be your answer. If I was a betting, I would bet you are the one who determines what your workers receive. They determine where they live. Never seen many couples who move into a mansion right after the wedding. What a person earns in any starting position is determined by the years of experience and years of education.

Noticed you directed a request to the "editor" of BOL. Is that the same editor who owns the same BOL that several months ago you was wanting all of her advertisers to quit doing business with her. Thank God she nor any other paper editor would take offense to such foolishness. I imagine they receive such tomfoolery every week. I'm sure she will help if she can. On the other hand, there is a news outlet in Bladen that will refuse a person their first amendment right to voice their opinion. Based on observation, that outlet never gets any comments on any of their articles.
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 07/11/2020 at 9:58 am:
To the Editor of Bladen online:

Do you have any archived articles or videos about Bobby Lewis? He and his Brother Seth defended Harmon Hall a few years back. If you have any of those myself and all of Bladen would love to see them.
Admin Reply by:
Here are links to story about Bobby Lewis
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 07/11/2020 at 9:11 am:
GC, in America right now a single worker making minimum wage in every County in every State cannot afford a two bedroom apartment. Do you think the minimum wage should be raised?
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 07/11/2020 at 8:54 am:
I think both are decisions that the citizen and the citizens only should decide.

The life, liberty and pursuit of happiness thing covers that .
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 07/10/2020 at 8:38 pm:
William, you have admitted that there is at least one. Then one has to go to the democrat party platform to see what that one believes. Guess what, if you know the real William Bulter, you will find that he does not believe what he believes, believing in the democrat party platform.

Come out William and be ye seperated from them. Just one tenet of the platform, proves you know do not believe it, ABORTION. Excuse me but I have to mention one other tenet, SAME SEX MARRIAGE.
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 07/08/2020 at 11:30 pm:
Yes GC, I believe the words of Obama ,Biden and the others you mentioned.
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 07/08/2020 at 9:32 pm:
What a terrible question William. You can answer yourself it by asking yourself if you believed the words of two men who formerly held those positions. Mike Pence is an honorable man and Donald J Trump is the President of the United States; a man who says he loves this country and so far he has done nothing to disprove that statement and fact.

Answer this question William, do you believe Chuck Shumer, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, MAXINE WATERS, etc. If you currently believe Joe Biden I feel sorry for you because people who have already or are in the process of losing their ability to walk, talk, think, and continue a though for more than 30 seconds should not be running for the Presidency of the United States of America. How about it William, you recently said you laugh at what your Mother says and today it was reported that Hunter Biden was still investing in companies in China, the aircraft industry in particular after his Dad, the presumptive candidate for President had said he would not do that anymore. Who do you believe?
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 07/08/2020 at 1:10 pm:
GC, I have one question. You say you're a Christian.

Do you believe the words of Trump and Pence?
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 07/07/2020 at 3:58 pm:
Seems William you are sinking farther and farther down the slippery slope of democrat socialism. Just when in your great "historical" mind did patriotism become a ruse? Or are you saying your democrat party is the only one "right" on patriotism when all the while they are extreme "LEFT" on patriotism. Personally, I think Mr.Bobby Lewis would have been proud of you, me or anybody who took an interest in the history of Bladen County, especially that part that he was so deeply involved with for years; however, I don't think he would be proud that anyone would want to rewrite history OR live in the past.

Again you are making treasonous remarks concerning the leader of the free world. What good does it do to be sorry and do nothing to improve things. What you need to do is encourage your party to help make our nation greater. I honestly believe that President Trump will win re-election on November 3; God forbid that Joe Biden should win in November, because if he does it will be the first time in our history we elected a man who does not have all his mental faculties. Since you are so hung up on Kings, Biden being elected would be similar to those children that became king in the old testament of the Bible; they had to be led around and taught what to say. Vote for him if you want to, but I believe you will be wasting your vote. On the other hand, if you vote for President Trump and he wins; you can look back and say you made the correct choice for President in 2020, besides Al Sharpton has said he will leave the
the USA if President Trump wins.
You sound like the Hatfields and McKoys "defending homesteads"! We don't live like that anymore in Bladen County. Congratulations on letting Bladen County know who inherited the William Buller Sr. farm. Hope down through the years you can do it as much justice to it as your Dad and Mom have done. Also, did not know you had any cubs (children) in Bladen County to watch over.

William, you need to research THOROUGHLY all the different things involved with "being a huckleberry" before you make the statement "I'll be your huckleberry"! Brenda Lee sang a song almost 60 years ago about being sorry, You might want to go back and listen to that song again! You hurt most every Republican's feelings when you use the terminolgy "Trump" to describe YOUR and OUR President of the United States of America. You might even have to go so far as to apologize. You have not got to defend Bladen County against President Trump, we love him and he loves us because we are a part of the United States of America. Don't live in the past Wiiliam, it is not good for one to do that. Today is July 7, 2020; soon it will be gone, nothing you can do will change what has been done today. Now, I did not say you could not go down to the Election Board in Mecklenburg County tomorrow and change your voter registration to anything other than democrat. Have a great evening, and give some serious thought to "being sorry but refusing to apologize"!!!!!
William Butler William Butler from CHARLOTTE wrote on 07/07/2020 at 7:32 am:
GC, If my bitterness was over the line I apologize. since I'm old enough to soon be history, especially during this extremely aggressive Covid 19 Pandemic I've been reading more History, especially wondering what it must have been like had I been one of the people in 1781 in Bladen County. These were real, living, breathing people that only 5 years earlier (1776) had signed up for a new way of life, free from a system of government that was ruled by a Monarchy with little regard for the colonists who faced some pretty one sided odds of starting a real (new) Democratic Republic. My peeps, the "Patriots" had to fight to keep the "Tories" from killing or capturing me and my family because of my committment to freedom from one man rule. These people were more than words in a book then, they had to be vigilant every day to make this new "Country" stay independent from the King. Britain had most of the money and were paying people to stamp us out. The Tories had just captured some of our guys in Fayetteville and were headed to Elizabethtown for us. We were 60-70 strong and they had 300-400 people. Sallie Salter had sold them some eggs and found out their plans of capturing us. We had to fight them or be captured and turned over to the King for money, where we would be killed or imprisoned. Tom Robeson Jr. and Tom Brown gathered us up and confronted them during the dark of night in a live or die situation. Turns out our Battle actually turned the tide on the whole War .

I see parallels now with Trump, who would undoubtedly would LOVE to be a King. He has on several occasions solicited and received help from foreign Countries to help him do just that. Our Spies had found this out (just like Sallie Salter) his plans. Half of the US Congress has attempted to try Him but he had enough Allies (Tories, in my opinion) to keep him in Office. This time our spies (Patriots) who testified to Congress about his actions have since been fired, demoted and defamed for doing the very jobs they were sworn to do. Trump's Republican Allies have shielded him in every way possible. They have attempted to fraudulently steal seats in Congress and further shield him. They have attempted to have our Election "Watchdogs", the Bladen County Election Board members removed and replaced under the ruse of Patriotism . I have lots of loved ones in Bladen County and my Parents have passed the family homestead on to me to defend. So even though I'm not there full time I still watch Bladen County like a Momma Bear watches her Cubs.

I wish that the late Bobby Lewis was still around, he would surely help me.

This Freedom and Independence thing can't be left to somebody else to defend. We ALL need to still be aware and act when we feel the need. If I've hurt anybody's feelings by my postings about Trump I sincerely hate that, but refuse to apologize. So far after 244 years we still have a WONDERFUL County in Bladen that'll grow anything known to man. So when it comes to defending her against people like Trump "I'll be your Huckleberry"...
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 07/06/2020 at 12:15 pm:
William, You sound so bitter coming off the birthday of our nation. Seems you are forgetting that your Dad served on the County Commission board back some years ago. Would you have suggested he be one of the ones arrested if something happened upon his watch THAT HE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH?
You said it, as so many have, including our President; WE ARE A NATION OF LAWS. That is true and therefore, the law will take care of the law breakers. I'm reminded of what Sheriff Jim McVicker said at one of his "meet and greet" gatherings over in Clarkton when he was running for Sheriff the first time, "I love and appreciate each one of you but not enough not to arrest you if you break the law".
Your brand of law reminds me of a scene in a western that Robert Mitchum and John Wayne
satrred in. The sheriff(Robert Mitchum) had arrested a law breaker and another character asked him if he thought the law breaker would pay for his crime. Upon which the sheriff responded; "I'm the sheriff, i just arrest them, I'm not the judge and jury". Sounds like your kind of justice says you would like to be sheriff, judge, and jury! If that be true, you need to stay in Charlotte when you retire because the people of Bladen County do not believe in that system of justice. But it does have an unusual ring to it; sounds just like what progressive democrats believe, "guilty until proven innocent, and if proven innocent in a court of law, you are still guilty".

President Trump is a USA loving Republican. Quit living in the past, learn from it, move on, live for today, and plan for tomorrow. As I recall, one of the people you named, is from your city. If he is proven guilty of anything will that make you guilty of it since you are from the same area. Most of the people in Bladen County are not guilty of anything as far as elections are concerned and if the truth was known, many of them do not even know about what went on in the past. But since you live in the same city that one of those you named is from; then based on your perception of justice under the law, If he were convicted then YOU would be "made an example of". Think, William, you are like a lot of democrats, THEY DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT THEY BELIEVE; must be a terrible condition in which to be.

Please do no be defaming the our local ladies who are members of the "Red Hat Society". They do a lot of good things and their husband suport them. BUT, speaking of mobs, are you proud of the looting burning mobs that are trying treasonously to over throw our nation? I got news for you William, no one board or person are the last line of defense for our nation; each one one of us as Americans are responsible for that. Thank God for that because that assures us that we can still say the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag and our nation at board meetings. The ones that should be ashamed are those who refuse to join the rest of their fellow Americans in pledging allegiance to our flag and our nation. But thank God our LAWS make provisions for them too.

Were you and are you still proud of your Dad. Well guess what, as you have stated; President Trump is a Daddy too and his sons are proud of him just like you were and are proud of your Daddy. Just because they are the sons of our President gives them no less right than any American to FREE SPEECH. Here again, William, you have the right to be proud of whoever you want to; but you are running with the wrong crowd and you are on the wrong side if you are siding with the looters and burners. Get with the American program William, you know, the one that has given you the right to operate your business, raise your family, and enjoy the blessings and freedom of the United States of America. Bladen County is and always has been the epicenter of what goes on the lives if its citizens; the only difference is we believe that means it is the of our center lives; whereas you seem to believe it means the center of an earthquake. The America you grew up loving will always win until God Almighty says it is time for His children to come home and He will snatch His children out to go to heaven and then the ungodly, self loving, law breaking, looting and burning crowd will get their due. WHY, because He will be the High Sheriff, Judge, and the jury. Great time for the children of God, not so good a time for the law breakers,etc.
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 07/06/2020 at 9:49 am:
GC, Trump is a Tory. The only one he is loyal to is Vladimir Putin. Mark Harris is a Tory as are his co conspirators and co criminals. Trump, Mark Harris, Red Dome, the Freedom caucus and some in Bladen attacked America by Fraud in our very foundation of Democracy, our Elections. They all should be arrested, charged, prosecuted and jailed for decades. They should be made examples of.

You and your band of red hats should also be punished for your mob assault on our Board of Elections. They are the last line of defense for our country. The ones not punished should be shamed.

Trump Jr. and Eric were on TV this weekend claiming that the 2020 election will be rife with fraud and that the Democrats don't care. It's refreshing to see the grassroots groundswell by thousands who are demanding that the Tory traitors are charged. Seems they will be demanding that justice is finally served. Looks like Bladen County will be the epicenter for justice instead of election fraud. By blindly following Trump people are loyal to Putin by proxy. America is a Nation of Laws, not lies.
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 07/05/2020 at 9:04 pm:
William, treasonous to call our President a King. Our Constitution says that can NEVER happen. Evidently, it has been a while since you read it.

You need to read slower William. Notice, I said why should our Sheriff read anything a part time visitor of our county post on here.
You forgot the number one thing you NEVER DO when speaking with a law enforcement officer. It goes like this Officer, question; person being questioned, yes sir or no sir. Without a doubt your Dad and Mother taught you this and I hope you have told your children this when they get their drivers license.

Our Sheriff and our President are excellent elected officials. Try to keep up with your own elected officials up in Mecklenburg. You are guilty of not being good citizen. The Bible says to support those that be in authority over you. OR have you got to the place of the "looting burning" crowd? Sort of unusual that you say you know about the Whigs and Tories but do not know that we are to support pout elected officials and support them. OH! I forgot you are a member of the party that instead of supporting out President have tried to impeach him and oppose him on everything he has led our nation to do to build the greatest economy the world has ever know.

And the best is yet to come and Guess what, you can still vote for President Donald J Trump
on November 3 and Dan Forest for Governor. By the way, that is a serious indictment you leveled against the people of your birth county; I can assure you we keep an eye on publicly elected officials; that is our civic duty.
If you want to accuse people for doing things blindly, you might want to turn your attention to the looting burning crowd.
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 07/04/2020 at 9:43 pm:
GC, please call him and tell him, he must be a non-reader like Trump. Both are guilty of dereliction of duty to protect their citizens.

People who blindly show their loyalty to King Trump are no different than the Tories (conservative loyalists) who the Patriot Liberals ran into the Tory Hole. Read up on why the Patriots went to war, you'll see.
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 07/03/2020 at 8:10 pm:
William, why should Sheriff Jim McVicker read anything a part time visitor to Bladen County post on BOL He has enough to do in serving and protecting the full time residents of Mother Bladen.

By the way, you would be proud of your home county as far as wearing mask is concerned. Shucks, Governor Cooper may open up the entire state when he gets the numbers around July 27 or so. Seriously, the folks on the northern side of the county are doing a better job of wearing mask than the southern side based on general observation. Anyway, you and your family have a great time celebrating the birthday of America.
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 07/03/2020 at 12:05 am:
I heard someone today equate "Not wearing a mask in public " to " Driving under the influence ". Both are selfish acts that put others in danger of death or injury.

I hope the Bladen County Sheriff reads this!🙏🙏🙏
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 07/02/2020 at 10:36 pm:
Happy birthday America,
Happy birthday America,
May God's riches blessings,
Abide upon you.

Happy Fourth of July to everyone.
Herb P McIntyre Herb P McIntyre from Garland wrote on 07/01/2020 at 10:05 am:
GC.... I did not have to call anyone, it is already been reported here on BOL.
William Butler William Butler from CHARLOTTE wrote on 07/01/2020 at 2:38 am:
Mr. Everett Butler, I couldn't sleep after reading the Article about The Town of Bladenboro planning deed the properties to a private entity and completely tear down 50% of the "Old Town" in exchange for $350,000.00 offered by the County in addition of the $200,000.00 they've already received for tearing some buildings down already. The County offered more money from the Tobacco Trust fund. You're an investigator with a ton of knowledge and time on your hands. I don't understand why this money is not offered to the property owners and help 'em restore their property instead of taking it and giving it to a private entity. I'd sure love to hear your take on what's happening here.
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 06/30/2020 at 7:00 pm:
Is this the same William Butler who just a few short months ago called for all advertisers to turn their back on BOL? Is he the same William Butler that praised his Sunday school teacher just a few short months ago and now says he laughs at what his Mother says AND that should never happen unless a joke is told.

Come on William, it is either day or it is night; dusk and dawn don't last very long. And what is this mess of not having to face your fellow man or worker or neighbor over what you post on here. Sounds to me like you need to be on one of these media outlets that don't require a posters real name.

You'll have to ask Joe Biden about politicizing the virus. He came out of hiding today blasting the President for the way he has handled the the virus situation. You should have called NBC news about those 54 people being hauled out of the woods. Were they hunters or is their an assisted living facility in the woods somewhere in Bladen County that this incident happened. Tell us more Herb. Why didn't you report it the day it happened? And please contact your "presumed Presidential candidate" Joe Biden and find out about how sick he really is. Man alive, the debates in October should be something, he may have to have Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer to hold him up at the podium.
Herb P McIntyre Herb P McIntyre from Garland wrote on 06/30/2020 at 11:08 am:
GC…. Have you always attempted to politicize everything? We need to be together on this. The Covid virus is far too dangerous to play politics with. Just a couple weeks ago, we in this small community, watched them haul 54 very sick people out of the deep woods. It impressed upon me that there was no Republican virus or Democratic virus and that surely this was no time to play partisan politics.
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 06/29/2020 at 10:55 pm:
Herb, Interesting stuff you are putting out. However, it has been overruled by Governor Coopers "everybody wear a mask order". See, when this order ends, the virus will magically end. OR, the idea of mask will have been ineffective also. I hope and pray not. If the mask don't work, I'll check into those things in your last post.

On a more positive note, it seems just about everyone is wearing a mask. I have trouble breathing while wearing one, so I sure hope the looting burning crowd don't catch me in an unmasked situation and start attacking me, nor you, nor anyone.
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 06/29/2020 at 8:26 pm:
Mr. Butler, I posted on Mr. Robert's Guestbook when it was on the first page. I posted as a show of support for his and Mr. Mike's dream of a newspaper without the paper. I thought then as I do now that it was wonderful to be able to opine freely. They have re-named it to opinionated banter. I think they should have named it Mr. Dale Hinson's feed store. I used to stick with my Grandpa Thurman from diapers till he passed when I was 12. Your Father was a regular there. Grandpa enjoyed people and talking.

I have a unique situation. I can say what I feel and not have to work with or go to Church and face the peer pressure or office political rath of some yahoos. Momma doesn't like me posting here. She says people say upsetting things to her about me. I chuckle at her and tell her I wished she had internet access and could read my words instead of relying on the opposer's interpretation. 🙂
Everett Butler Everett Butler from Bladenboro wrote on 06/29/2020 at 6:33 pm:
Just for the record. Have Grover and William ever agreed on anything? I enjoy reading their back and forth with each other. I have been reading their posts since they started posting on this forum.

Don't get me wrong. I an sure that they are good, well meaning gentlemen. Just wondering if they have ever had the same opinion on anything. It does keep this forum interesting to read their comebacks.

Both are informative and have great information but are polar opposites.

Keep up the good posts, William and Grover. I'll read them and enjoy them. Maybe one day you will find some common ground on something. Meantime, I'm waiting for it.
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 06/29/2020 at 12:40 pm:
Mr. Butler, you have really went off the deep end. You need to move back to Bladen county to get sane again. You have mentioned what is commonly known as Russian Roulette. A sane person would never try what you have mentioned even with no bullets in the chamber. Surely you have heard the expression that more people are killed by empty guns than loaded guns. That really should be more people are killed by guns they "thought" were empty. The true message is DO NOT play around with guns. Shame on you for even bringing up that subject.

Mr. Butler, I got right with the Lord on March 22, 1962 and have been in love with Him ever since. Failed Him many times, doing things I should not have done and not doing things I should have done. The best thing about the knowing the Lord is that once saved He is always with us to forgive us our sin and help us to get up and keep going forward. The point being Mr. Butler, DO NOT question a persons relationship with the Lord; after all, He is the One we all will stand before one day and give an account. Not you, not me, but God's Son. As the old gospel song ask, "are we ready, are we ready, are we ready for the judgement day"?

How can anyone care if they DO NOT know? Don't wait on Lester Holt, the ABC anchorperson, CBS anchorperson, or any news person. The only news person that will be involved in anyone's passing will be the one that puts our obituary in the local news media.

Next to lastly, President Trump was not elected to be a Preacher, news person, healer, mortician, nor any other thing; Donald Trump was elected to be the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Unfortunately the "presumptive candidate of the democrats" is running for the SENATE so he will never know what it is to be PRESIDENT. The closest he will ever be to the Presidency has already happened; he was a VICE president and I say that literally, he was a VICE president.

Your gibberish about not wearing a mask sounds just like a progressive democrat. They don't care about whether or not one has a breathing problem or wearing one causes irritable rashes, or whatever; all they care about is CONTROL of peoples lives. We have a little over two weeks left before we know whether or not WEARING MASK really works. But then the question arises, how will we know? Just saw a news cast showing people abusing a lady who was out shopping and all the while they did not know she had a breathing problem and could care less; they continued to harass her. What about that Mr. Butler? If that had been your wife or your Mother, what would be your response? Roy Cooper could care less and most indications are that progressive democrats could care less also. By the way, when I went to church yesterday morning I put on a mask and could not breath with it on. Last night I found another mask and it allowed me to breath freely so GOTCHA!!! Have a great day. Keep them truck a rollin.
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 06/29/2020 at 12:39 pm:
I'm really concerned that the County Commission is allowing Bladen to be wide open to nonfeasance lawsuits. I hope I'm wrong. When the Carpet Bag Lawyers roll up the lawsuits will make the Smithfield suits look small?
Herb Poe McIntyre Herb Poe McIntyre from Garland wrote on 06/29/2020 at 12:16 pm:
GC… the Death count that you are seeing today reflects the case count from about 1 month ago, when the case count was about 800. Check back in about 1 month or so when the death count will reflect the current case count of about 1600. Even the people who are getting well seem to frequently carry with them long term health problems. This is a very bad virus.
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 06/29/2020 at 10:47 am:
Mr. Bryan, the only advice I can give You is to get right with the Lord.

Going around without a mask is akin to putting 5 bullets in a 6 chamber gun, spinning the cylinder, aiming at your temple and pulling the trigger. Do you feel lucky ?

Pence, Trump and Fox News will not care when you're dead.
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 06/28/2020 at 11:36 pm:
Mr. Butler, where is the "scientific" evidence that mask do anything. The only thing i have heard is that they will make a person in good health sick. You know you don't want that. How about those death numbers? They are plummeting even in the presence of all this testing that is going on. How much money has Mecklenburg County received for testing? More test less death. That seems to be the new mantra in virus news these days. If the deaths start going back up, guess what will be the new news item in the headlines DEATHS INCREASE; nothing about the number of cases or test will be found. Another thing Mr. Butler, what does a person do if they can not use a mask because they can't breath with one on? The number of NC Sheriffs in NC that will not fine people for not wearing a mask is growing. One other thing, your Mothers Sheriff is respectfully addressed as Sheriff Jim McVicker, not "that guy" or "this guy".
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 06/28/2020 at 3:15 pm:
Billy, have they told you the name of the person that will be following you around to make sure you are:
1. Washing your hands.
2. Staying six feet away from any other
3. Wearing a mask.

If you will take a close look at all these things and others they are asking us to do; the list is getting so long it is even hard to remember all of them. So they come back WITH THE BIG ONE, wear a face covering. And they have confused even that. Which mask is right? I have tried several different kind and can not find a one that allows me to breath freely. Should I have my right to breath denied by the Governor of North Carolina? Why, even at the Church House this morning I tried one and could not breath normally.

You take care of yourself, I'll take care of myself, and if every North Carolinian will do the same we all will get the through this virus alright. if you need someone to follow you around 24/7 to make sure you are following ALL the Social Distancing guidelines, call the Governor. I'm sure he will send one over to Charlotte to help you!!!!!! Don't hold your breath until he does.

By the way, the list of Sheriffs in NC is growing that say it is not one of their duties to enforce this mask wearing order the Governor has put out. On an encouraging note; was over in Elizabethtown yesterday for a clip job and I'd say 8 or 9 out of every 10 people I met were wearing a mask; so those numbers on the 17 of July should allow FULL reopening of all businesses in NC or will will find out that wearing a mask does not work either. I do hope they work.
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 06/26/2020 at 4:05 pm:
The guy needs to think. He is exposing Bladen County to non-feasance lawsuits.

Bladen County has 35,000 citizens and probably 100,000 visitors and tourists and we are in the midst of a PANDEMIC. Dr. Fauci said today in a press conference that the Local People should find people who know the area, can be trusted to enforce the masks, distancing and hygiene guidelines that were derived from scientific fact. Why is this guy refusing to protect the County in more ways than 1 ?
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 06/26/2020 at 2:17 pm:
Billy Butler, the next time you come to visit your Mother; after you spend some time with her, you need to get out and about Bladen County. You will find that the GREAT majority of Bladen Citizens love and respect our Sheriff and his entire Department. Haven't heard not one word in the county about defunding any law enforcement agencies in our county.

It is not surprising that a liberal socialist democrat such as yourself would make the comments you have made about our Sheriff. You probably think what is going on out in Seattle, Washington is perfectly fine. In Bladen County we call it treason and lawlessness. Wait til they get to your business Billy. By the way, the Sheriff of Bladen County is your Mother's Sheriiff and several of your siblings Sheriff. An apology to Sheriff McVicker from you is certainly in order.

How about your man "the presumptive democrat candidate" for President? He thinks he is running for the Senate. Still time to change your voter registration to Republican. Oh, I forgot; you can still vote Republican without changing your party affiliation; that is the way Republicans have been elected for years. Why not Join your fellow democrats and vote for President Trump.

Will be looking for that apology to Sheriff McVicker and the other 7 Sheriffs in NC that have said the same thing. Of course, the Governor told them they did not have to enforce the order. He left that up to employers like yourself. Make sure your drivers, employees, and customers are wearing those mask! Or call your local Mecklenburg County Sheriff to make them wear them or get fined. If he has got any common sense, he won't enforce it either.

Have a great day. Hope you find your Mom doing well.
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 06/25/2020 at 11:01 pm:
140,000 people were killed when Hiroshima was nuked. Covid 19 has killed 126,00 Americans in 3 months and an elected official wants to play politics with his citizens. I want to go see my mother and family in Bladenboro without putting my life in danger.

This guy needs to be terminated for insufficient quality and quantity of work with no notice . Since North Carolina is a 'right to work' State he won't be able to qualify for unemployment benefits. It won't cost the taxpayers a dime.
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 06/25/2020 at 7:20 pm:
Thank you Sheriff Jim McVicker for your stance on the "every citizen masked order" announced yesterday by the Governor.
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 06/25/2020 at 6:10 pm:
The Bladen County Sheriff should be removed from office immediately!

He is endangering the people of Bladen County. The Sheriff's sworn duty is to protect the Citizens in his jurisdiction.
RICHARD V SMITH RICHARD V SMITH from GARLAND wrote on 06/17/2020 at 5:37 am:
Jesus Died for all of Us, makes no difference what our political views are, We all need His forgiveness, That is the only way To Heaven! God Bless The U S A
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 06/17/2020 at 12:38 am:
Thank you for the kind words Mr. Butler, my respect for you and your family is reciprocal. I believe that if we see wrong happening we should do something, anything to stop it. We live in a Country where we can speak our mind without recourse. Mr. Robert stated recently that almost everything around us is affected by politics whether we like it or not. You mentioned that you didn't do politics. You are exactly the type of citizen we need to be involved. You are a proven veteran investigator, one who wore a blindfold and carried a set of scales when you worked, just like on the Bladen County Seal. That seal was created by citizens who demand that to live in Bladen one must expect to follow the Rule of Law. If only we could assign you to Trump.
Our country is seeing some tough times but they are only temporary. Our children are the ones who are going to own the future and we owe them an apology for leaving them so many challenges.

They are seeing the effect of greed and an endless supply of money for greedy politicians to shower themselves in. We must ALL stand up to wrong, looks like our young understand that and are taking to the streets like we should have years ago.
Everett Butler Everett Butler from Bladenboro wrote on 06/12/2020 at 10:45 pm:
A comment or two about two of the main posters on this forum. I don't believe that I have ever met either William Butler or Grover Bryan. I think it would be a pleasure to chat up these gentlemen. I did have a couple of phone calls with William a few years ago and enjoyed his knowledge of the items were were discussing.

I am not related to William but I would not be ashamed to be. We Butlers come from different families. I was a very good friend of his father, a fine gentleman. If William took after his father, he is to be commended., His uncle, Wilton owned several buses back in the 1940s and early 1950s that were used to transport mill hands to cotton mills within a 40 mile radius of Bladenboro. I rode one of Wilton's buses to school for a nickel fare. The Butler family from which William derived was a smart family. I wish that I could declare kinship to him as the business ability runs in his family.

As for Grover, my family tree has several Bryans in it but unfortunately, Grover is not one of them. I would not be ashamed to be related to him as he is a deep thinker and, same a William, is not shy about sharing his opinions.

They both make this forum interesting. It is for sure that they are not on the same wave length politically but nothing wrong with that. Grover shares his Christian principles and is commended for doing so. William is a very busy businessman who takes time to counter Grover's political views. Thus Grover must counter with his views.

Occasionally another poster comes on and fires back at them but that is what makes this forum interesting. I don't like insulting posts but William and Grover seem to get along with polar opposite views about everything.

I hope to meet these men sometime. I have no political views to share with them but they are most interesting. Mr. McIntyre also has some interesting rebuttals.

Thanks gentlemen for making this forum interesting, though occasionally boring with redundancy. No one can change another's mind but they can try to proselyte to no avail.

I read this forum every day but seldom post here as I am not politically involved anymore. I am registered as an Independent and save my arguments for my own meditation. I discovered a long time ago that the best way to make an enemy is to disagree with someone with strong views. Yet, I enjoy reading opposing views of others.

Keep up the posts, gentlemen, and ladies. I will read them all. I might not agree with you but I will be here every night reading the day's posts.
Everett Butler Everett Butler from Bladenboro wrote on 06/12/2020 at 10:45 pm:
A comment or two about two of the main posters on this forum. I don't believe that I have ever met either William Butler or Grover Bryan. I think it would be a pleasure to chat up these gentlemen. I did have a couple of phone calls with William a few years ago and enjoyed his knowledge of the items were were discussing.

I am not related to William but I would not be ashamed to be. We Butlers come from different families. I was a very good friend of his father, a fine gentleman. If William took after his father, he is to be commended., His uncle, Wilton owned several buses back in the 1940s and early 1950s that were used to transport mill hands to cotton mills within a 40 mile radius of Bladenboro. I rode one of Wilton's buses to school for a nickel fare. The Butler family from which William derived was a smart family. I wish that I could declare kinship to him as the business ability runs in his family.

As for Grover, my family tree has several Bryans in it but unfortunately, Grover is not one of them. I would not be ashamed to be related to him as he is a deep thinker and, same a William, is not shy about sharing his opinions.

They both make this forum interesting. It is for sure that they are not on the same wave length politically but nothing wrong with that. Grover shares his Christian principles and is commended for doing so. William is a very busy businessman who takes time to counter Grover's political views. Thus Grover must counter with his views.

Occasionally another poster comes on and fires back at them but that is what makes this forum interesting. I don't like insulting posts but William and Grover seem to get along with polar opposite views about everything.

I hope to meet these men sometime. I have no political views to share with them but they are most interesting. Mr. McIntyre also has some interesting rebuttals.

Thanks gentlemen for making this forum interesting, though occasionally boring with redundancy. No one can change another's mind but they can try to proselyte to no avail.

I read this forum every day but seldom post here as I am not politically involved anymore. I am registered as an Independent and save my arguments for my own meditation. I discovered a long time ago that the best way to make an enemy is to disagree with someone with strong views. Yet, I enjoy reading opposing views of others.

Keep up the posts, gentlemen, and ladies. I will read them all. I might not agree with you but I will be here every night reading the day's posts.
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 06/10/2020 at 1:06 pm:
Pardon the misspelling of Miss Sessions name in the previous post.
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 06/10/2020 at 1:03 pm:
Congratulations to Mr. Barber and Miss Sessioms for being award the scholarships set up to honor the memory of Trooper Kevin Conner. Do his memory proud; based on your past excellent accomplishments, I'm sure Bladen and Columbus Counties will be hearing much positive news from you two young folks in the future.
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 06/05/2020 at 10:29 am:
Herb and Billy, Looks like you fellas are running together on political issues. Herb, maybe you can be the one to get Billy to come off his Germany Fascism ideas. What he has posted about our President, is getting pretty close to treasonous accusations and threats against our President. It is hard to believe an ole farm boy from Bladen County could make such statements as he has made in his last post. On top of that he seems to be getting you involved in his wild ideas.

Billy, where is General Mattis today? Who is President? Have you read what other military leaders who served with Mattis think about his leadership style? And you are setting a fine standard for the young people who just graduated from high school with your choice of words about our President such as *&^#. Your Sunday school teacher would probably be very disappointed in your view of this wonderful country in which we live.
Whoa, Billy, you best go back and read the Constitution again and see who is the commander-in-chief of the military forces of the United States of America. So you seem to agree with the looters and burners about what is going on in our nation! President Trump will never allow a bunch of looters and burners to destroy our nation. If he has to put into effect the "insurrection act" you better hope that he does it. Remember years ago when troops were called upon in Little Rock Arkansas and down in Alabama with Governor George Wallace's little escapade. Make no mistake about it Billy, the President is in charge of the US Military.

By the way. How about those jobs numbers and the stock market. Got any money over there Billy?
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 06/04/2020 at 9:37 pm:
Have noticed many articles about many students being recognized for accomplishments. However, don't believe there has been one article about band students being recognized for their accomplishments after spending four years and more in the bands of Bladen County Schools. They should be recognized by local news outlets.
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 06/04/2020 at 3:56 pm:
Mr. McIntyre, General Mattis says that Trump is a threat to Democracy, General Honore' says Trump doesn't understand the US Constitution or doesn't give a damn. These men are letting the world know that the US military will not allow a Fascist to attack the American people. I predict that if Trump does it again he will be the first President to be forcibly removed. If Trump wants to act like a 2 bit 3rd world Dictator he will be treated like one .
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 06/04/2020 at 1:40 pm:
Herb, you do not seem to be aware that to use the idea of the far left insult of referring to fascism has been going on since the late 1920's. One would think as highly educated as you are, that it would never come out of your heart and lips. I have glasses"lens", but seldom ever use them. Maybe you have been listening to old country music too much; like "Rose Colored Glasses" by I believe it was John Conley. We need MORE conversation, not less; most journalist would call you on stopping conversation.

So before I go, let me digress to your use of "fascist".
#1. The US is a Republic not a fascist state
of the early 20th century.
#2. The idea of fascism is over 100 years old.
#3. Benito Mussolini is dead.
#4. Insulting people under the guise of
fascism is a far left idea that started
long long ago.
#5. Surely you can do better than that when
you come back again. It sounds almost as
bad as Billy Butler's use of an old German
idea. Think you would have to go a long
to find anyone that would say Hitler and
Mussolini were good guys.

Question? Have you heard anything about Nancy Pelosi saying anything that President Trump was for that she was against. Hence, she held up a Bible and tried to tear it up like she did the State of the Union speech by President Trump. She could not tear up the Bible so she go some nearby democrats to help her so each one came up and tore a couple of pages out. Seems like that was tried years ago in Europe when certain people hated the Word of God. Wonder if that is how fascism got started?
Herb P McIntyre Herb P McIntyre from Garland wrote on 06/04/2020 at 8:47 am:
GC… You do not seem to be aware of what actually happened. Perhaps you just prefer to see it through your own fascist lens. There is no point in carrying this conversation further.
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 06/03/2020 at 10:13 pm:
Herb, If no one was looting and burning, how did the fire damage occur. Next thing you know, they will be blaming President Trump for calling fire down from heaven. Why did the rector NOT offer President Trump and his group a bottle of water?

He did not go to the church to pray, he went to view the damage done by the fire. The problem is not how the Bible is being held but that it is not being held at all. Personally, I hope we will not only be seeing more Bibles being held not only by the President but also by all Americans. There is mighty good reading in it. The sad fact is what the old song says, Dust on the Bible. Each of us should wipe the dust off; of course many are doing that on a daily basis. In it are the Words of life.
William Butler William Butler from CHARLOTTE wrote on 06/03/2020 at 7:36 pm:
In September 2019 Trump tried to register to vote in Florida using an out-of-state address. Isn't this a good time to Impeach and Remove him from office? The Republican Senate missed an opportune time last year when they were told and shown that He'd extorted a Foreign Country to intervene into the US Election process along with Rudy Guliani.
Herb P McIntyre Herb P McIntyre from Garland wrote on 06/03/2020 at 4:23 pm:
GC…. No one there was looting or burning. That was not happening. The Rector and others were out handing food and water to the peaceful protesters. I do not feel that God smiled on Trump’s photo op. Trump did not kneel, he did not pray, he just held a Bible upside down.

You are right, I have never seen another President do anything like this. I hope I never do again. I hope you enjoy your Fascist government…. You may get it.
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 06/03/2020 at 9:46 am:
Herb, welcome home. Notice you have been making some appearances on other venues. Can't say I blame you for shunning the other venue here in Bladen; it is wide open for anyone who wants to express an opinion; that is. unless they have been banned for expressing their first Amendment right. But I digress.

It is not the church that forgives Herb; it is God, because of the sacrifice His Son made on the cross. Are you saying the "rector, several Seminarians, and multiple parishioners" were out looting and burning when they were gassed and shot with rubber bullets". But remember Herb, those could have been real bullets and lethal gas.

I once read that when socialist liberalism comes to America it will be disguised as a "liberal" socialist" political party. We are there. But it can still be set right by a visit to the local election board and changing ones party affiliation to Republican or Non-Affiliated.

As far as the President of the United States standing with the Bible in his hands; how many other Presidents have you ever seen doing this. Believe he is the same one who said "we don't need less prayer, what we need is more prayer" what a President.
Herb P McIntyre Herb P McIntyre from Garland wrote on 06/02/2020 at 8:20 pm:
GC… Before you get too excited about Trump’s Photo Op in front of St. John’s, you might want to read about what happened to St. John’s Rector Gervais, several Seminarians, and multiple parishioners as they were gassed, shot with rubber bullets and nearly trampled by horses.. The Bishop of the DC Diocese referred to Trump’s Photo Op as an act of Sacrilege. I doubt the Episcopal Church will ever forgive him.

I once read that when Fascism comes to America it will come carrying a Bible and wearing a Flag. That photo of 45 certainly looked that way.
William Butler William Butler from Charlotte wrote on 06/02/2020 at 5:13 pm:
GC, Butchie Martin was a good friend and a fellow John Frazier coached Bulldog teammate. He was as tough as Dick Butkus, not Butkas.
G C Bryan G C Bryan from Bladenboro wrote on 06/02/2020 at 4:12 pm:
Billy, Billy, Billy, It is not a "Whitehouse"; it is our White House. Who appointed you to say the President does not read the Bible? Oh I forgot, you are of the democrat party. Know a man of your intelligence did not mean to imply that the White House is the symbol of anything else than the House where the President of our country resides. The last time I checked, America is a melting pot of many nationalities. Our last President proved that the White House does not change colors when someone other than a white man is our President. That is until Joe Biden came along as a "presumptive candidate of the democrat party". According to him, all the black people that voted for President in 2016 and are planning on doing it again in 2020 are not black. Wonder as he campaigns in a losing effort for the Presidency and he meets a black voter who says he is going to vote for President Trump if he will say to that black man or woman, "you are not black". God have mercy on our nation when it has got to this point in the eyes of any party's candidacy for the Presidency of the United States of America.

And I'll have you know that those Americans who support President Trump ARE NOT a cult, they are people voting for the man that has done more for our country than any man in recent memory. Remember those employment percentages before the the virus hit and now the "looting and burning"; best in the last fifty years or ever. You are a business man; you aren't one of those who doesn't want to see our people employed again, are you Billy.

Now it looks like our Governor has decided to not allow the opposing party to hold its full blast National convention in your fair city. Seems you folks over there have not been doing a very good job of social distancing and wearing of mask. Wonder how many millions of dollars that will cost your city?

Your home county is doing just fine. We are having peaceful protest and our economy is slowly and safely opening up. On a sad note, a ferocious Bladenboro Bulldog competitor, Butchie Martin has passed away. I,m sure you can relate to the football he played, some say he was tough as Dick Butkas.

By the way, how many Presidents have you ever seen hold up the Bible for the world to see it and our nation not him. Pretty good don't you think? At least he didn't do it in a basement for no one to see.

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