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Irrelevant News Shared On Social Media

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In September of 2018 Bladen County had many road closings due to Hurricane Florence. reported the road closures. Since then, the road closing article from 2018 is no longer relevant to today’s North Carolina roads.

It was brought to the attention of and the North Carolina Department of Transportation that the news article published in 2018 about the road closures has again been circulating on social media outlets as current news. Some readers of the articles have been led to believe that the report was recent and the roads are closed. That is not the case.

It is important to make sure when distrubuting information on social media that to check the date on the information and reports before sharing on social media as current and relevant. verifies road closures and openings with the NCDOT before publishing reports.

In closing, remember sometimes post on social media, such as Facebook, serve as memories and not news.