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Members take care of business at Boost the Boro meeting

By Charlotte Smith

The packed room was full of discussions at the Boost the Boro, Inc meeting on the last Monday in April. The meeting held at the Bladenboro Farmer’s Market had some hot topics as the non-profit group went line by line down the agenda.

Penny Walters the Spring Fest chair said in spite of the rain the annual event was a success. Walters suggested the Spring Fling next year be held again on the first Saturday in April. All in attendance were in agreement with the schedule. 

Sunday Allen said the scholarship committee had several deserving applications for the Boost the Boro Scholarship this year. The committee will meet to decide on the scholarship recipient. A member from Boost the Boro is planning on attending the West Bladen Awards Ceremony to announce the news of the winner. The scholarship winner will be asked to come to the next Boost the Boro meeting held at the Farmer’s Market on June 4 at 7:00 p.m.

Joyce Walters announce a new vendor offering handmade jewelry boxes and walking canes is now at the Farmer’s Market. Before the meeting ended the group elected a Christmas committee, went over potential Beast Fest Sponsors and discussed collaborating with the Town of Bladenboro and a Boost the Boro committee to create a video promoting local businesses in the town. 

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