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NCDOT to Furlough Majority of Employees

The North Carolina Department of Transportation announced Tuesday they will furlough the majority of their employees, starting with management. Andrew Barksdale with NCDOT said 154 NCDOT employees who work in Bladen County would be part of the furlough.

For several weeks, NCDOT has been notifying policymakers, stakeholders, industry partners, and the general public of the swift impact COVID-19 has had on NCDOT’s budget.

While the full impact of revenue loss will not be verified until after this pandemic has passed, current indicators point to a $300 million loss in NCDOT revenues through June 30, 2020.

Because of this, NCDOT has developed and is implementing a staged furlough plan for the remainder of 2020 state fiscal year. No decision has been made regarding furloughs for the SFY2021.

“Our employees are committed and dedicated which makes this decision so difficult,” said Secretary Eric Boyette.

Furloughs were instated for NCDOT executive leadership beginning on Saturday, May 16. Next week, the next level of management will also be furloughed. Finally, should it be required, the remainder of the NCDOT workforce will begin furloughs on May 30. About 9,300 employees are affected in total.

Graph of Phases:

NCDOT will continue to seek additional reductions in expenditures, revenue replacement from the Federal Governments and other opportunities to stabilize finances.

“We began furloughs with executive staff as leaderships must begin at the top,” said Secretary Boyette. “My hope is that we identify ways to replace lost revenue so that rank and file employees are never furloughed. “

During the hours employees are furloughed, they may not work. That includes responding to any and all communication. Management will develop a comprehensive plan that ensures an appropriate continuation of service.

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