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MIAMI, FL – Clarkton native Stephen Damasco earned his International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness Pro Card over the weekend at the NPC National Bodybuilding at the Knight Center inside the Hyatt Regency.

Damasco placed 2nd in the Class A Men’s Physique Class to win the card that will allow him to compete on the IFBB Pro League Tour. The top 2 finishers in each class received the pro-competitive status.

The West Bladen grad won the Overall Men’s Physique and Class A Men’s Physique classes at the Jay Cutler Classic in Richmond, Virginia on August 10th. Those victories along with encouragement from his girlfriend, Erica Wunderlich, and his coach, Justin Horrell, prompted Damasco’s decision to compete on the national level in Miami. Horrell, a key mentor, helped with Damasco’s preparation and workout schedule.

More than 1,000 competitors from 50 states attended the NPC Nationals along with top celebrities and athletes. Stephen’s progress on the pro tour can be monitored on Instagram at @cipefit.

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