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This Day in History for December 15

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1791 – 1st US law school established at University of Pennsylvania.

1791 – US Bill of Rights ratified when Virginia gives its approval, becomes amendments 1-10 of the US constitution.

1854 – 1st street cleaning machine in US used in Philadelphia.

1909 – Thomas J. Lynch becomes president of baseball’s National League.

1925 – 1st hockey game a Madison Square Garden, Montreal Canadians 3, NY Americans 1.

1933 – Baseball owners agree to ban Sunday doubleheaders until after June 15.

1935 – National Football League Championship, University of Detroit Stadium; Detroit Lions beat New York Giants, 26-7; Lions first title.

1938 – Groundbreaking begins for Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C.

1939 – “Gone With the Wind”, drama film directed by Victor Fleming and starring Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh, premiers in Atlanta (Best Picture 1940, inflation not adjusted highest-grossing film of all time)

1944 – Bandleader, Major Glenn Miller, lost over English Channel.

1948 – Former state department official Alger Hiss indicted in NYC for perjury.

1955 – “Folsom Prison Blues” single released by Johnny Cast (Billboard Song of the Year 1968)

1956 – WRAL TV, channel 5 in Raleigh-Durham, NC (CBS) begins broadcasting.

1965 – Gemini 6 launched; makes 1st rendezvous in space (with Gemini 7)

1973 – American Psychiatric Association declares homosexuality is not a mental illness.

1979 – Chris Haney and Scott Abbott develop the board game Trivial Pursuit.

1986 – Carnegie Hall reopens after a $50 million facelift.

1992 – Arthur Ashe is name Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year.

2004 – “Million Dollar Baby”, directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Hilary Swank and Morgan Freeman is released (Best Picture 2005)

2011 – ESPN and the NCAA extend their TV rights deal through 2023-24, giving the network worldwide multi-media rights to 24 NCAA championships for various sports, deal worth $500m.

2015 – Mayor of Flint, Michigan declares state of emergency over contaminated water supplies amid calls for a criminal investigation.