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This Day in History for June 1

1813 – Captain John Lawrence utters Navy motto “Don’t give up the ship”

1869 – Thomas Edison granted his first patent for the Electric Vote Recorder (U.S. Patent 90,646)

1890 – U.S. census at 62,622,250.

1908 – John Krohn begins walk around perimeter of US, which took 357 days.

1917 – Hank Gowdy is 1st baseball player to enlist during WWI.

1927 – Peace Bridge between US and Canada opens.

1936 – Queen Mary completes its maiden voyage, arriving in NY.

1943 – Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Rip Sewell patents his “esphus” or “blooper ball” pitch, uses pitch on way to a 20-win campaign.

1947 – OPA, which issued WW II rationing coupons, disbands.

1958 – The Riverside International Raceway in Southern California opens with three 500-mile races in one weekend; Eddie Gray wins the Crown America 500 for NASCAR Grand National cars.

1961 – FM multiplex stereo broadcasting 1st heard.

1965 – Robert Manry begins his 78 day voyage to sail a 13.5-foot yacht “Tinkerbell” across the Atlantic Ocean.

1970 – “Everything is Beautiful” by Ray Stevens hits #1.

1974 – The Heimlich maneuver for rescuing chocking victims is published in the journal Emergency Medicine.

1975 – California Angels pitcher Nolan Ryan records his record equaling 4th MLB career no-hitter in beating the Baltimore Orioles, 1-0.

1982 – Oakland A’s left fielder Rickey Henderson steals 2 bases in 3-2 win over Boston Red Sox to become fastest to reach 50 stolen bases in a MLB season.

1992 – E Lamps (20 year lightbulb) introduced.

2005 – The longest oil/natural gas explosion in the Houston, Texas area occurs in Crosby, Texas. The drill was owned by the Louisiana Oil and Gas Company.

2009 – General Motors files for chapter 11 bankruptcy. It is the fourth largest United States bankruptcy in history.

2017 – US President Donald Trump announces the US is withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreemtent.

2018 – US unemployment rate falls to 3.8%, lowest since 2000.

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