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Thoughts While Shaving

Thoughts While ShavingFound an interesting post on Facebook…’Just spent 15 minutes searching for my phone in my car, while using my phone as a flashlight!’   Sound familiar?

Congratulations to Rev. Warren Hill.  He is the recipient of a “Carrying for Others Award” presented to him recently by Tar Heel WOW.

I stopped watching Cable News sometime ago.  Last night I was interested in more news related to the ‘walkway’ that came crashing down in Miami, Florida, so I ‘flipped’ thru several channels, CNN, Fox, MSNBC.  Didn’t take long to refresh my memory why I stopped watching.  No wonder so many are so confused, aggravated, ill with all.  I soon returned to the Andy Griffith Show, Sanford and Son, and Gomer Pyle, real TV.

It’s a shame that political differences get so personal.  Sorry, promised myself I would not enter that arena.  Silence is Golden.

Seems unwanted phone calls are increasing from ‘spoofed” numbers.

In NCAA action yesterday, Duke was a winner, NC State a loser, Davidson lost, UNCG lost. UNC plays at 2:45 PM today, Clemson’s game is set for 9:57 PM.  #1 seed Virginia plays at 9:20 PM, and Duke plays Saturday at 2:40 PM.  (suggest you double check time, date and location).  Google NCAA brackets for complete schedule.

As you would expect, some upsets.

It’s a busy time in Bladen.

Always good to hear from readers of ‘Thoughts’. Sometimes they share info and some info is shared with readers.

Penny Johnson, Bladen native, now in Wake County, shared comments:

Sign in a shoe repair store in Vancouver reads:
We will heel you
We will save your sole
We will even dye for you

On a septic tank truck:
Yesterday’s Meals on Wheels

And one more that my bride should appreciate:
On a plumber’s truck:
We repair what your husband fixed.

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