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Thoughts While Shaving

Surprise, Surprise.  We Have Snow in Bladen.  Checking the local National Weather Station at the Curtis Brown Airport, it began near 3:30 this morning.  Very little accumulation, but dangerous….Be safe in your travels.  High later today 47 degrees and mostly sunny.

Spring arrives in a couple of weeks…..March 20.

Any idea where the most politically tolerate county in America is?  According to one report, in the Watertown, NY area.  Bladen County is in the 36th percentile, means that 64 out of every 100 counties are more prejudice against the political “other”.

Been out of place for about a week.  Spent some time in the hospital where my bride was a patient.  She is better and we are home, finally.

Local governments are busy, the 2019-2020 budget process is underway or will be shortly.

Latest stats for BladenOnline are very good.

Feb 24-March 2

Page views: 79,550

Visits: 31,119


3,634: Heroin charges dismissed, felony reduced to misdemeanor and 11 cases continued

3,097: Video gaming crackdown leads to arrests, establishments closed

3,095: Video gaming machines seized

2,155: One arrested for damages to cemetery

1,607: McCrae Dowless arrested after election investigation

1,638: Others possibly facing charges in election investigation

BladenOnline is Bladen’s best source for local news.  Local residents/reporters reporting on local events daily. The Best Is Yet To Come.

How does a snowman get around?  He rides an icicle!

What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?  Frost bite.

What do snowmen eat for breakfast?  Frosted Flakes!

robert g hester


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