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Thoughts While Shaving

NC House of Representatives rolled out their first proposal of the budget for the coming fiscal year last night (Monday).  Long way from a final document.  Governor Roy Cooper introduced his proposed budget a couple of months ago.  After the House works out final numbers, it will go to the NC Senate for more input, then the House and Senate will work out their differences, usually takes some time, then on the governor for his approval or veto.  Long way from final budget, but moving forward.  Should be in place by July 1, but a miss would not be the first time.

Local units of government, county commissioners, boards of education and city councils are also working on 2019-20 budget.

If you were a member of the NC Legislature or a locally elected official, ever think of what your top budget priority would be?  All to often, few choices at the local level, so much is determined by Federal and State law….education, social programs (DSS & Health) for starters.

Kinda hate to see Bradley Kinlaw depart the scene as Bladen County Emergency Management Director.  He has been the face and voice of so many efforts in the county for the past 10 years or so.  Apparently leaving on May 17 for a position in Harnett County.

Saw a neat page on a social media site that provided info on Clarkton, years ago.  I know Bladenboro has similar pages, maybe Elizabethtown and more.  Locals just sharing their thoughts, articles and pics from days gone by.  So many social sites, difficult to keep up with all.

Scrolling thru various sites on the computer recently.  Discovered interesting page by Tarheel Youth Golf Association, actually ranked young golfers.  Three listed from this area, all from Elizabethtown.  Cade Hancock was ranked #26, and in the 8-11 age group Henry Pate and Bizzle Pate were listed.  Congratulations to all.  Hancock graduates from Harrells in a few weeks and will continue study and play at Mt. Olive College, if my memory is correct.

I do not agree with what you have to say but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.  Voltaire

Love is grand.  Divorce is a hundred grand.

I am in shape.  Round is a shape.

Conscience is what hurts when everything else feels so good.

robert g hester


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