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Thoughts While Shaving for August 30

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Thoughts While ShavingWith important elections just over a couple of months away, officials are being warned about the possibility of election fraud efforts using the Internet.  What is next?

Speaking of elections, the full Hester staff (me) has been doing research related to the upcoming elections.

There were 6,668,789 registered voters in North Carolina as of late last week.

Democrats       2,665,330

Republicans     2,023,603

Unaffiliated       1,951,075

Others                   28,781

20% of all voters reside in Mecklenburg and Wake counties. and nearly 60% of all North Carolina voters live in the largest 20 counties in the state.

Understand why the other 80 counties have to scramble for representation.  We have moved, over the years, from rural to urban.

I recall, many years ago when every county had one member of the NC House of Representatives.  That was ruled unconstitutional, and probably should have been.

Bladen County’s numbers include:

Democrat      13,591

Republican      3,223

Libertarian            29

Unaffiliated      5,654

Total              22,497 or .0033734 of NC voters.

Every vote counts.

Saw Bob Townsend of WECT TV fame in Wallace last evening.  He is semi-retired after 30 plus years on the tube, mostly in the early AM.  The Robeson County native has lived in Wallace for years and apparently has no plans to leave the area.  He was a regular on WFMO, Fairmont years ago.  He continues to do a little work for the TV station, kinda weaning off as he adjust to retirement.  Recently celebrated his 65th birthday.  One of the good guys in the business.

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42.7 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot.

Love may be blind but marriage is a real eye-opener.

What’s the speed of light?

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