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Thoughts While Shaving for May 12

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, young and old, and in between. Mothers deserve the attention and the flower, candy, clothing and other businesses that feature gifts for moms, appreciate your business.

Voters in the 9th US Congressional District will go to the polls Tuesday to cast a vote in the Republican primary, many candidates, most from the extreme western region, Mecklenburg and Union counties, some reside outside the district, but apparently all are eligible. If any one candidates receives 30 percent or more of votes cast Tuesday, they will move on to face the lone Democrat candidate, Dan McCready, some time soon. If no Republican candidate receives 30 percent or more, there will be a second Republican primary.

Voters in Bladen County District 3 can vote on two candidates seeking a seat on the Board of Commissioners, one from each party and anyone can vote for two of three candidates for the Water & Soil Conservation board, in addition to the Congressional candidates. Simple??? Hardly.

My bride and I sleep in the same house, same bed, registered the same way, voted at the same time in the same location, (as we have been for the past 50 plus years) and received two different ballots. We just decided to say nothing and vote, and we did. Both registered unaffiliated.

Bladen County Commissioners will hold a work session Tuesday, continue to work on preparing a budget for fiscal 2019-20.

Again, Happy Mother’s Day to moms everywhere … nothing makes mom happier than a visit or a phone call.

A simple Mother’s Day card made by a young child speaks volumes.

MOM turned upside down spells WOW.

robert g hester

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