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A Staff Report

On September 9, 2023, in Dublin, NC, Tucker Bordeaux, guided by Troopmaster Andy Runion and Scout Master Mark Gillespie, reached one of the Boy Scouts of America’s highest honors. The Bordeaux family hosted a Court of Honor ceremony at Dublin First Baptist Church, celebrating Tucker’s remarkable achievement.

Earning the title of Eagle Scout is a challenging path, known for its rigorous demands on Scouts, testing them physically, mentally, and morally. It is a distinction reserved for those who have shown unwavering dedication to personal growth and service to others.

Scout Master Andy Runion noted Tucker’s transformation from a reserved scout to a proactive leader within Troop 600, emphasizing his growth.

During the Eagle Scout Charge, Scout Master Mark Gillespie commended Tucker’s journey from a young, eager cub scout to a man worthy of the Eagle Scout title. He highlighted the responsibilities and loyalty expected of an Eagle Scout.

“You have a lot of responsibility,” Gillespie stated, “Your second obligation is to be loyal.”

Runion explained how much Tucker had “grown out of his shell” and has even started volunteering for leadership roles in the Troop. In his closing remarks, Runion reminded Tucker of the importance of leadership through service and the need for a vision to improve the world.

“Stepping into your new role as an Eagle Scout,” you will face many obstacles and many challenges. Runion said to Tucker, “You must have the courage to do what is right.”

Another Scout Leader, Chris Clark, expressed his pride in Tucker’s growth during the ceremony. “I’m proud of the young man he has turned out to be,” Clark exclaimed during the ceremony.

The title of Eagle Scout holds immense significance, representing dedication, leadership, and scouting principles since its inception in 1911. It symbolizes the pinnacle of achievement in the Boy Scouts of America.

Tucker, as a token of gratitude, presented his mentor’s pen to his mother, Amber Bordeaux. She shared her requirement that Tucker achieve Eagle Scout rank before obtaining his driver’s license. On the day before his 16th birthday, Tucker completed his Board Review, achieving this prestigious rank.

Amber credited Mr. Joseph, Mrs. Natalie Russ, and their son, Aiden, for encouraging Tucker to join the Boy Scouts. The Russ family played a significant role in promoting Tucker’s Boy Scouts journey.

Tucker joins the ranks of 2.5 million youth who have earned the coveted Eagle Scout title, marking their readiness to assume leadership roles and exemplify responsibility, honor, and a commitment to positive change within their communities.

Watch part of the ceremony on BladenOnline’s YouTube Channel linked below.


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