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Photos by Kenneth Armstrong

ELIZABETHTOWN – West Columbus defeated East Bladen 8-1 Wednesday in Three Rivers Conference women’s tennis action. The Lady Eagles will host Fairmont Tuesday at 4 p.m.


1.  Ting Lin (EB) defeated Chloe Pait (WC) 8-2

2.  Baylee Haynes (WC) def. Anna Kate White (EB) 8-2

3.  Jessica Griffin (WC) def. Lily Lin (EB) 8-2

4. Lauren Pierce (WC) def. Sammi Jiang (EB) 8-0

5.  Leah Redwine (WC)  def. Carlie West (EB) 8-0

6. Kaydee Davis (WC) def. Carleigh Devane (EB) 8-4


1.  Haynes/Griffin (WC) def. /T. Lin/A. White (EB) 8-4

2.  Pate/Pierce (WC) def. L. Lin/S. Jiang (EB) 8-1

3.  Redwine/Madeleine Shaw (WC) def. C. Devane/ Olivia Barnes (EB) 8-1

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