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The N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles is reminding people of several tips to make it easier to complete their business efficiently during the busiest time of year.

The agency experienced its busiest period of 2018 during the last two weeks of August. As a result, DMV implemented improvements to help combat the impact of this year’s summer peak season. These improvements include express driver license services, extended hours and the opening of the state’s largest office in Charlotte.

In anticipation of a potential uptick in DMV office visits during these last weeks of August, the agency offers these tips:

• Go online. Many DMV services can be completed online. Visit MyNCDMV.gov to see if you can skip an office visit and complete your transaction online.

• Plan your trip. If you need to visit DMV, plan your trip to ensure you have all the proper documentation needed to complete your service. Review the office visit checklist on the MyNCDMV.gov.

• Wait if you can. If your DMV service can wait until after Labor Day, postpone your visit until the summer peak season ends.

• Since a first-time REAL ID issuance must be completed in-person, DMV recommends customers wait until after the summer peak season to obtain one and using the newly-launched REAL ID tool to determine if a REAL ID is a fit for you.

DMV will continue to find and implement improvements in driver license offices following the summer season to reduce wait times and improve customers service.