• 12:00 am Bladen County Recreation Dixie Boys Baseball Schedule
  • 11:54 pm Elizabethtown DYB Majors Tournament: Cubs 10, Braves 9
  • 11:40 pm Elizabethtown DYB Coach-Pitch Tournament: Mets Defeated Royals
  • 11:00 pm This Day in History for May 23
  • 10:52 pm Educators, Child Care Owners Urge Legislators to Close Health Care Coverage Gap
Dixie Youth Baseball

Barring an interruption from Tropical Storm Bonnie, the Elizabethtown Dixie Youth Baseball League will begin their post-season tournament Tuesday night at Leinwand Park.

The tournament will continue nightly with games in all three divisions through Saturday when championships will be decided.  The Coach-Pitch title game will begin at 10 a.m. followed by the Minors Championship at 12 noon and the Majors Championship at 2 p.m.

Coach Kevin Dove’s Yankees won the Coach-Pitch regular season title over the second-place Diamondbacks and third-place Royals.

Coach Kevin Dunham’s Twins posted a 12-2 record to win the Minors regular-season championship. The Tigers finished second and the Orioles were in third-place.

Coach Anthony McKoy’s Athletics won the Majors title with a 13-2 record. Both of their losses were to the second-place Astros. However, the Athletics defeated the Astros Friday night to secure the title. The Braves finished in third-place.

Tuesday’s Games
6 p.m. No. 5 Rockies at No. 4 Blue Jays Field 1
6 p.m. No. 6 Cardinals at No. 3 Orioles Field 3

Wednesday’s Games
6 p.m. No. 6 Red Sox at No. 3 Royals Field 1
6 p.m. No. 5 Pirates at No. 4 Mets Field 3

Thursday’s Games
6 p.m. Rockies/Blue Jays Winner at No. 1 Twins Field 1
6 p.m. Cardinals/Orioles Winner at No. 2 Tigers Field 3
7:30 No. 4 Cubs at No. 1 Athletics Field 1
7:30 No. 3 Braves at No. 2 Astros Field 3

Friday’s Games
6 p.m. Pirates/Mets Winner at No. 1 Yankees Field 1
6 p.m. Red Sox/Royals Winner at No. 2 Diamondbacks Field 3

Saturday’s Games
10 a.m. Coach-Pitch Championship
12 Noon Minors Championship
2 p.m. Majors Championship