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Dixie Youth Baseball

Barring an interruption from Tropical Storm Bonnie, the Elizabethtown Dixie Youth Baseball League will begin their post-season tournament Tuesday night at Leinwand Park.

The tournament will continue nightly with games in all three divisions through Saturday when championships will be decided.  The Coach-Pitch title game will begin at 10 a.m. followed by the Minors Championship at 12 noon and the Majors Championship at 2 p.m.

Coach Kevin Dove’s Yankees won the Coach-Pitch regular season title over the second-place Diamondbacks and third-place Royals.

Coach Kevin Dunham’s Twins posted a 12-2 record to win the Minors regular-season championship. The Tigers finished second and the Orioles were in third-place.

Coach Anthony McKoy’s Athletics won the Majors title with a 13-2 record. Both of their losses were to the second-place Astros. However, the Athletics defeated the Astros Friday night to secure the title. The Braves finished in third-place.

Tuesday’s Games
6 p.m. No. 5 Rockies at No. 4 Blue Jays Field 1
6 p.m. No. 6 Cardinals at No. 3 Orioles Field 3

Wednesday’s Games
6 p.m. No. 6 Red Sox at No. 3 Royals Field 1
6 p.m. No. 5 Pirates at No. 4 Mets Field 3

Thursday’s Games
6 p.m. Rockies/Blue Jays Winner at No. 1 Twins Field 1
6 p.m. Cardinals/Orioles Winner at No. 2 Tigers Field 3
7:30 No. 4 Cubs at No. 1 Athletics Field 1
7:30 No. 3 Braves at No. 2 Astros Field 3

Friday’s Games
6 p.m. Pirates/Mets Winner at No. 1 Yankees Field 1
6 p.m. Red Sox/Royals Winner at No. 2 Diamondbacks Field 3

Saturday’s Games
10 a.m. Coach-Pitch Championship
12 Noon Minors Championship
2 p.m. Majors Championship