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Let’s Eat Out, But Where?

By Cheryl Thurston

August is over now and we are on to September. Hope you enjoyed your Labor Day holiday. We’re back to work just in time to prepare for a possible hurricane coming our way. Hopefully Dorian won’t be anything like Florence was (less than) a year ago.

As always, the fine folks at the Bladen County Health Department made their rounds in August to inspect the places we all like to eat when we go out with friends. So, before you go to the grocery store to pick up your essentials for the storm you should check out the list below for the results of the most recent health and sanitation inspections. Then you can plan your next dinner outing with updated information.

Don’t forget to read for the latest weather updates as we hunker down to weather the storm together, but don’t panic either. Have faith and trust that we will come through this storm and be stronger on the other side of it. Remember to check out the inspections list and Bon Appitité.

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