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ELIZABETHTOWN – In the 7-9 Coed League’s fourth-place play-off game, the Red team from the Ballers Division defeated the Green team 16-0.

Another team from the Ballers Division, the Yellow team, edged the Navy team 10-8 in the third-place play-off game.

In the 10-12 Boys League Tournament, the regular-season champion Warriors defeated the Celtics 18-14 in a semi-final game.

The Warriors advanced to Tuesday’s 5:45 championship game against the Knicks, who are unbeaten in the double-elimination tournament. The Knicks can claim the title with a win. A Warriors win would force a final championship game between the two teams at 7:45.

Tuesday at 6:30 in the 7-9 Coed League the Purple will play the Grey in a second-place play-off game. At 7:05 the Carolina Blue will face the Royal team in the first-place play-off game.

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