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By John Clark

PEMBROKE – Friday night this intrepid reporter traveled to Purnell Swett High School to cover the girls’ and boys’ varsity basketball games between East Bladen and Purnell Swett. For the 2nd time in the last 8 years chaos ensued.

Upon arriving in the parking lot, I began searching my pockets for the blank pages I thought I had brought to scribble notes on. The search that was conducted hastily came up bare – I later found out I left the pages on the kitchen table.

I found a few cash ATM receipts before I discovered a 3-inch by 4-inch white card that was left over from the installation of a car part and that is what I used. I scribbled notes — mostly a play-by-play — for both games on this small card (pictured above).

Unfortunately, this is not the first time I have arrived at a sporting venue without a notepad or paper. On September 4, 2015, at the East Bladen/St. Pauls football game, I scrunched notes about a 54-10 Eagle victory on an ATM receipt.

Upon returning home I placed the note papers I didn’t carry into the glovebox of the car so I would have a back-up source if I forget again. Let’s see how that works out.

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