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Rep. Brenden Jones: Legislative Update for April 24, 2017

By: Rep. Brenden Jones

Last week was a short but busy week in the General Assembly. Below is a summary of key bills I introduced or sponsored, key actions taken by committees on which I serve, and key House votes.

BRIGHT Futures Jobs Bill Passes North Carolina House

The North Carolina House of Representatives passed House Bill 68 BRIGHT Futures Act on Thursday by a 109-8 vote, approving legislation to connect rural residents of the state to broadband services and help under-served regions attract economic development opportunities of the 21st Century.

“I represent some of the lowest income areas in the state and access to broadband is extremely limited,” said Rep. Brenden Jones. “It is vital that citizens living in our rural and underserved areas have access to technology tools of the 21st century.”


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WECT: Columbus County Rep. says House Bill 68 ‘vital’ for rural areas
The News & Observer: Bill aimed at expanding rural broadband internet passes NC House

Key Bills Sponsored / Introduced

Representative Jones did not sponsor or introduce any bills last week due to the filing deadline, which limited the number of bills available for co-sponsorship.

Key Committee Actions

HB68:  BRIGHT Futures Act (Energy and Public Utilities Committee; reported favorably)
HB619: Clarify Motor Vehicle Dealer Laws (Transportation Committee; reported favorably)

Key House Votes

HB68: BRIGHT Futures Act (voted in favor; passed the House)
HB619: Clarify Motor Vehicle Dealer Laws (voted in favor; passed the House)
HB319: Study Solar Facility Decommissioning Rqmts (voted in favor; passed the House)
HB29: Record of Excusals From Jury Duty (voted in favor; passed the House)

Photo Gallery

The photo above was taken by James Piedad on Apr. 21 and were shared via his photography Facebook page.

Week in Review

The legislature re-convened on Wednesday, April 19 following an Easter break.


The Transportation Committee met at noon and we heard various bills including, HB287 (voted in favor), HB619 (voted in favor), and HB220 (voted in favor).

At 1 p.m., HB68 (of which I am a primary sponsor) was heard in the Energy and Public Utilities Committee.  It passed the committee.
At 3 p.m. I attended the ABC Committee.  We voted on HB480 (voted in favor), and HB511 (voted in favor).

Session was held at 4 p.m. and among the bills we voted on were:  HB29 (voted in favor), HB319 (voted in favor), and HB369 (voted in favor).


At 10 a.m. I attended the State and Local Government II Committee, where my bill, HB666 (Revise Volunteer Fire Dept. Req’ts) passed the committee.  This bill would allow fire departments the ability to apply for a waiver from the requirement that they maintain 20 primary personnel.  With it getting more and more difficult to obtain volunteers, the bill would enable local fire departments the ability to continue serving their community as long as they have 15 members.

Following committee, I had a meeting with my colleagues before heading to session at 2 p.m.

During session, we voted on various bills, including: HB690 (voted in favor), HB68 (voted in favor), and HB585 (voted in favor).

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