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Rescue Task Force implemented to better protect Bladen County


The Bladen County Sheriff’s Office Specialized Training Unit undertook a training event unlike any that Chief Pete Batton of Dublin Fire Department had seen in more than 26 years of fire service he said. The Rescue Task Force concept was launched on Thursday at the Bladen County Emergency Services Training Center. Fire, rescue, ems, and law enforcement officers participated in the training side by side. They borrowed from each other’s training, abilities, and expertise in a series of Unified Command exercises.

The purpose of the training is to afford a more thorough understanding of Incident Command with an Integrated Response to Crisis Events that necessitates the multiple different agencies and assets to work together to accomplish the task of resolving dangerous or threatening events in our region, according to Sargent Gary Turlington. Specifically, the engagement of armed threats and point of wound care for injured persons with the focus being on more expedient applications of casualty care and transport to definitive medical care.  This concept is critically important for the enhancement of safety for children in our schools. Additionally, the same principles may be applied to other locations where combined assets are needed.

The Bladen County Sheriff’s office specialized training unit has conducted exercises in 2015, 2016, and 2017 utilizing these types of concepts. The training currently being conducted focuses more intently on procedural and safety measures during a response to any such event, according to officials. “Combining command, resources, assets, and abilities of each agency produces a more comprehensive capability to protect the public that we serve. Most importantly, our children,” the instructor said. 

It is hoped that as the currently scheduled classes progress, more of our county’s volunteer firefighters will participate in this important endeavor, according to the Bladen County Sheriff’s Office. It was a fantastic opportunity today to work with fire and emergency medical services simultaneously.

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