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Thoughts While Shaving for March 11

Thoughts While ShavingThink about advice shared with me many years ago.  Give advice only when requested and then sparingly, and one more, leave while they still want you to stay.

Received a call from a strange number this week.  During election time, calls that come from folks interested in telling me about a candidate, I politely bid them good bye or just hang up…but this was not such a call.  The call was from Herb Hanna’s niece in Johnsonville, SC.  She was thanking BladenOnline for providing info related to our coverage of his life and death.  Thanks for the call.

If your plans include voting early, best you do it today and be sure you take a photo.  You drivers license picture will do, I think.  Call the Bladen County Board of Elections at 910-862-6951 with questions.

How about the ACC tournament?  Clemson and Duke suffered 2nd half meltdowns.

Wet fields benefit from sunshine and a soft gentle breeze and farmers appreciate.  Many fields are still to wet to work, but getting better.

Uncle Sam is waiting for your 2015 tax info.  April 15 will be here soon.

And, speaking of BladenOnline, the staff continues to cover local news better than it ever has been covered, and The Best Is Yet To Come.

Thank Goodness It’s Friday (TGIF).

Political bumper stickers:

A politician should do two terms – one in office and one in jail.

Power Corrupts – Isn’t that what it’s for?

Vote Democrat – It’s easier than working!

Vote Republican – It’s easier than thinking.

And one more,

The trouble with political jokes is that they get elected.

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