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By Charlotte Smith

Elizabethtown, NC – On the evening of Saturday, September 16th, music enthusiasts from near and far gathered at Cape Fear Vineyard & Winery for the last of the 2023 concert series at the local venue. The stage was set, the stars were shining, and the crowd was buzzing with anticipation as White Dog Entertainment presented the legendary Uncle Kracker along with the talented North Carolina country sensation Brooke McBride.

Special note: Prior to the evening’s festivities, attendees solemnly recited the Pledge of Allegiance in honor of the United States Flag, accompanied by a thoughtful invocation.

Brooke McBride and her band members kicked off the evening, setting the stage on fire with country tunes and heartfelt lyrics. As the sun dipped below the horizon, Brooke amused the crowd with her original song “My Eyes Are Up Here,” which explains the struggle of a single lady in a small town.  

One fan, Allison Walker, exclaimed, “Brooke McBride’s really talented, and I could listen to her music all day. I’m a fan!”

As Brooke McBride concluded her set with a rendition of a Dolly Parton classic, the energy was relaxed and jubilant. The crowd knew that the main event was yet to come, and they eagerly awaited the arrival of Uncle Kracker.

Friends gathered by the Cape Fear Distillery truck for refreshments before Uncle Kracker and his band took the stage. 

As Uncle Kracker took the stage, the crowd’s roar was deafening. Hits like “Follow Me,” “Drift Away,” and “Smile” had everyone singing along with unbridled enthusiasm. A devoted fan, John Anderson expressed his delight, saying, “Great concert! I don’t know if anyone was sitting in their seats.”

Uncle Kracker charmed the crowd. While at the concert, Uncle Kracker said, “It’s good to be back here, in Elizabethtown! I woke up with a cold, but I also woke up today with a grandfather, and so it’s been a pretty weird day.”

The fans applauded, and Uncle Kracker continued pleasing the audience with his soulful voice and remarkably talented band. The crowd danced, swayed, and sang in unison, creating a unique bond only live music can create.

The setting at Cape Fear Vineyard & Winery is the ideal backdrop for extraordinary concert experiences. As the final notes of the night echoed through the vineyard, fans were left with a sense of fulfillment and nostalgia as Uncle Kracker sang, “All Summer Long.” 

Entrepreneur Alex Munroe with Cape Fear Distillery/Vineyard and Winery took the microphone and thanked all the fans and sponsors for making the 2023 Concert Series at Cape Fear Vineyard & Winery a success. 

Jelly Roll, an up-and-coming country/rapper, was scheduled to be the last concert at the local venue in October. However, Alex explained Jelly Roll decided to perform in Wilmington in October; therefore, this past Saturday was the year’s final concert.

“We will have more concerts in March or April of 2024,” Alex stated.

Ultimately, the Cape Fear Vineyard & Winery concert featuring Uncle Kracker and Brooke McBride was a night that fans will cherish forever, proving that music builds friendships and relieves stress and worries.

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