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Thoughts While Shaving for November 10

High School sports info…

Boys soccer playoffs. …. East Bladen defeated North Johnston, Saturday and advances…

East Bladen football team will play SW Edgecombe Friday night, the winner will play the winner of the Whiteville – Wallace Rose Hill game.

Your best bet for what’s happening in local sports is to check BladenOnline’s sports page. John Clark covers all the action, and has been doing so for 30 – 40 years or more.

Yesterday’s high temp was 54 degrees…

A huge turnout for Star TMC’s Annual meeting, this year in Clinton.

I find it interesting … over the years when the Democrats are in control in DC, the Republicans are talking about the US debt, and when the Republicans are in control, the Dems are usually making debt a big issue. Now, no one is talking about the US debt and the meter appears to be spinning out of control. Total US debt as of early this morning was $23,004,022,933,459 … rounded off $23 trillion. … Where are the conservatives, both parties? The debt limit must be raised soon, or our government will be ‘spent out.’

The older I get the earlier it gets late.

Sometimes someone unexpected comes into your life outta nowhere, makes your heart race and changes you forever. … We call these people cops.

I don’t mean to interrupt people. … I just randomly remember things & get excited.

robert g hester

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