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BLADENBORO – Seniors Tydrick Stewart, Lainey Autry and Gary Parker received prestigious awards Tuesday night as West Bladen held their athletic awards ceremony.

Stewart was named the Male Senior Athlete of the Year and was the school’s Male Heisman award winner. Autry received the Female Senior Athlete of the Year award and the Female Heisman award.

Parker was awarded the first Sayaun Dent Memorial Scholarship and was also named the school’s Comeback Player of the Year.

The award winners listed by sport follow:

All-Conference – Emily Young
Most Improved – Jenna McLean
Defensive Award – Kylie Durden
Knight Award – Emily Young

Women’s Tennis
All-Conference – Kaden Thurman, Lainey Autry
Most Improved – Yuri Santana
Co-Most Valuable Player – Lainey Autry
Co-Most Valuable Player – Kaden Thurman

All-Conference – Tydrick Stewart, Deonte Lacey, Tyler Ward
Coaches Award – Hunter Hester
Co-Defensive Most Valuable Player – Deonte Lacey
Co-Defensive Most Valuable Player – Tyler Ward
Offensive Most Valuable Player – Tydrick Stewart

Women’s Soccer
Knight Award – Kaden Thurman
Defensive Most Valuable Player – Eva Ayala-Martinez
Offensive Most Valuable Player – Lainey Autry

Men’s Soccer
All-Conference – Charlie Cruz-Rodriguez, Gabriel Inestroza-Lara
Knight Award – Jordan Underwood
Defensive Most Valuble Player – Charlie Cruz-Rodriguez
Offensive Most Valuable Player – Jonah Bryan

All-Conference – Shanyla Hunter, Alicia Lawson, Azillyah McDonald, Ahonesty Blake
Most Improved – Adairis Jimenez
Knight Award – Shanyla Hunter
Best All Around – Ahonesty Blake

Men’s Basketball
All-Conference – Chase Williams, Hezekiah Adams, Jackson Pait
Most Improved – Walter Bealon
Star in Your Role Award – Anthony Mitchell
Leadership Award – Gary Parker

Women’s Basketball
All-Conference – Rylee Chadwick
Coaches Award – Kirsten Warrick
Coaches Award – Lainey Autry
Most Valuable Player – Rylee Chadwick

Women’s Cross Country
All-Conference – Lainey Autry
Runner of the Year – Lainey Autry

Men’s Cross Country
All-Conference – Demon’tre Love
Runner of the Year – Demon’tre Love

Women’s Track
Coaches Award – Adairis Jimenez
Coaches Award – Trinity VanEyken
Coaches Award – Kiera Lewis

Men’s Track
Coaches Award – Demon’tre Love
Coaches Award – Jordan Underwood
Coaches Award – Tydrick Stewart

All-Conference – Isaac Mendoza
Most Improved – Daniel Gustafson
Low Scorer – Isaac Mendoza

Defensive Player of the Year – Mackenzie Singletary
Offensive Player of the Year – Kylie Durden
Most Valuable Player – Rylee Chadwick

Knight Award – Hunter Elks
Defensive Award – Hunter Smith
Offensive Award – Garrett Dunham

All-Conference selections for baseball, softball and women’s soccer have not yet been released by the Southeastern Athletic Conference since there are still conference teams playing in the playoffs.

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